OtherGround Forums I declare today is Butt Hurt MAGAtard day !

10/15/20 10:57 PM
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Imagine that your candidate is so weak that they are depending on the rival candidates sons laptop and personal life to try and win an election. No policies; just tin foil hate conspiracy bullshit.

Good luck with that, cons.

Yep, especially when Eric Trump and his siblings stole charity money from kids with cancer. They are legally not allowed to run charities anymore.


WOW, that is LOW even for villains like the TRUMPS, thanks for letting me know about that Nytron, you are a true patriot!  

10/15/20 11:08 PM
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10/16/20 12:51 AM
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I see so many angry MAGAtards posting today. With no one buying the buttery mails or Hunter biden conspiratard stories, they are on a frenzy of angry responses and vote downs.


This is a special day, and it should be remembered and celebrated . 


Happy Butt Hurt MAGAtard day, my OG brethren !

You bring nothing but negativity and animosity to the table. Your spare parts bud.

Look buddy, .  I'm just trying to cheer up people that are hurting. I've tried to bring a festive attitude to one and all , I've offered fist bumps and hugs on this thread.


You should try turning that frown upside down. Add a skip to your step. Take time to smell the flowers. Make lemonade out of lemons. Be grateful for the small things. Count your blessings. Accentuate the positive.


You got this, man ! Everyone is rooting for you ! 


Sending positive energy your way.

10/17/20 6:35 AM
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Every day is maga tard day on the UG and OG

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Can't wait for the demolition of the OG echo chamber after the election.