OtherGround Forums I got a bonus at work!

9/12/19 9:06 PM
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I got one of those earlier in the year.  $500 bonus for me and $500 for the employee after he was there 90 days. 

9/12/19 10:03 PM
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Passive Jay -
jpm995 -

Congrats on the bonus. What does this smart watch do? Please dont tell me it shovels snow.

it does most of the things that a smart watch does. Because it does not have a display you to set things up in the app for it.


It uses the hands on the watch to display who the notifications are from.  the sub hand is used to keep track of your steps progress and also to let you know what mode you have your watch in as far as the presets for the buttons. you can also set up the buttons to do pretty much whatever you want and cycle though different sets. 


no rechaging. standard watch battery that lasts up to a year. 

Watch looks good, not sure i'd want to learn how to use it through an app though.