7/11/19 8:02 PM
Posts: 11906

This site hasn't hardly used any of mine but the Chive ate a gig in a couple hours at work today. Just set all apps to no background data....that'll fix em....

7/11/19 8:11 PM
Posts: 1218

first time I’ve ever exceede my plans data limit 

7/11/19 8:12 PM
Posts: 55291
jpm995 -
I'm the Black Dog -
RdotC -
TequilaYuen - 
Silhouette - 

Same, this is absolute bs. Is anyone really surprised though? Top men dont give a shit and never have, got to find new revenue streams because this place is dead.


That is exactly what happened here: They tried to introduce an auto video player so they could get ad revenue from it.

When there were initial complaints, they hid the player rather than shut it down and lose their ad space.

And who wants to bet the advertisers aren't informed that their ads were hidden?

As much as I like to bitch I doubt any of that is true.

In my experience problems here aren't nefarious in nature, just neglegence.

Can you explain why an advertiser would pay to put an advertisment on your device that you can't see.


7/11/19 8:14 PM
Posts: 55292

No idea. But they always seem to find the shittiest ad companies. Always.

There's a reason to always pass on The lowest bidder.


My gut says just not paying attention to or understanding their product.

7/11/19 8:19 PM
Posts: 55293

Just checked my data and yup, I'm way over my limit.


Now I'm actually fucking pissed. I start a road trip sat morning so I'll be burning even more.

We all need to post our extra charges when we get our bills. I've never, not even once gone over.

7/11/19 8:19 PM
Posts: 34875

I've never had a problem using the app. 

7/11/19 9:03 PM
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TFK_Vulva Fabulous - 

I've never had a problem using the app. 

This is what I'm saying.....it's not burning mine up ????

7/11/19 9:31 PM
Posts: 3372

Jeeze. Just checked wifi usage. It's #1 at 13.5gb. at least it's wifi. #2 on data (#1 streaming music) which is crazy high as I'm rarely using the app outside wifi.

7/11/19 9:34 PM
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I have unlimited but it is easily the #1 app draining shit on my phone and I spend a decent amount of time looking at videos and pics on other apps. You would think a mostly text forum wouldn't do that. I also OG from a computer 80% of the time.
7/11/19 9:57 PM
Posts: 26542
Fake Pie - I have unlimited but it is easily the #1 app draining shit on my phone and I spend a decent amount of time looking at videos and pics on other apps. You would think a mostly text forum wouldn't do that. I also OG from a computer 80% of the time.

the code to the video is still in the browser version of the site.

i have it blocked, so i dont have any auto play issues, BUT it FREEZES my browser every click. and it freezes all tab, so i cant check anything else while i wait.
7/11/19 9:58 PM
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7/11/19 10:06 PM
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ABCTT_sakurabas ear -

I reset my data last night at 8:15, not even a gig of data yet, what’s the big deal???

I see no data for telegram or grinder.

7/11/19 10:16 PM
Posts: 686

Ill say this... The members of this forum really do love this place. They want it to work so bad and give it so many chances. Look at poiupoiu, he had to buy more data because of place multiple times and still kept coming back to it. This place really is different than others and yall are all some special motherfuckers. Good special and retarded special. 

7/11/19 10:18 PM
Posts: 7503

Just tried to access the site on mobile browser and getting the forum has been deleted error lol amazing


7/11/19 10:18 PM
Posts: 687

And shout out to poiupoiu mutant and marsman for making sure something got done about the problem. 

7/12/19 12:44 AM
Posts: 2361

I don’t see an issue with my usage. I thought everyone was on unlimited?

7/12/19 1:03 AM
Posts: 7427

52.8g here

7/12/19 1:10 AM
Posts: 12951

I Noticed my headphone icon kept popping up while OG'ing and didn't think much of it until I checked my data after reading this thread.  It's through the roof.

This site is consistently pulling shady shit.  Fuck you Kirik, Jason and all your top men.  I'm out, will get my mma forum fix elsewhere.

7/12/19 1:19 AM
Posts: 7430

I do not have unlimited data. holy fuck
7/12/19 1:51 AM
Posts: 55298
southcraw -

52.8g here

62, and I only use the app when the main site gets fuckey.


This is outrageous


Kirik- you owe me money

7/12/19 2:46 AM
Posts: 592

Yep posted this in the “what’s wrong with OG thread.


I pretty much can’t browse the OG unless at home on wifi. Uses a couple hundred mbs per page. No gifs or vids or anything just a basic page of text and it’s a couple hundred mbs.

7/12/19 4:51 AM
Posts: 8903

Is this on iPhone? I use the app on Android and it doesn't show up on the list of battery using apps. Maybe way at the bottom. Also, I have Verizon unlimited- the real unlimited, a grandfathered old school plan that does not get speed throttled and has no limit ( the current "unlimited" plans are not actually unlimited. They have a cap of a mere 20 -30 gigs. ) So I don't give a shitz about so called data usage. : P

7/12/19 4:51 AM
Posts: 4780

Is anyone really surprised by this after the MentaL debacle a couple of years ago?


The coders who work on this site suck, and have always sucked.

7/12/19 6:20 AM
Posts: 93275

Again.... Time to start over and build a new app from the ground up

7/12/19 7:17 AM
Posts: 2317

Now I know how I went over my data limit.