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Way before my time, born in 90.  IN

before my time to care, crazy looking back at it now.

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I’ve never seen this. I don’t know why. The speed in which white dudes produced legit “uzis” was hysterical and my new favorite thing to delve deep in. 



Thanks a lot fucko


LOL, my pleasure. it's very consuming.

the lack of attention this gets is puzzling (IMO). is it because Reagan survived?

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^ ^

Though, considering the Newsweek article on the last page (For Conspiracy Buffs Only), it seems Mockingbird was in full effect.

& almost immediately.

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John Hinckley Jr. & The Trilateral Commission


In early 1977 the Washington Post ran a story on the TC in which the paper worried, “But here is the unsettling thing about the Trilateral Commission.  The President-elect (Carter) is a member.  So is Vice-President-elect Walter Mondale.  So are the new Secretaries of State, Defense and Treasury, Cyrus R. Vance, Harold Brown and W. Michael Blumenthal.  So is Zbigniew Brzezinski, who is a former Trilateral Director and Carter’s National Security Adviser, also a bunch of others who will make foreign policy for America in the next four years.”

Suspicion of the TC grew across the political spectrum.  From the left, author Holly Sklar wrote disparagingly of the group in her book Trilaterals over Washington  From the right, the late-Senator and Presidential candidate Barry Goldwater, in his book With No Apologies, warned, “David Rockefeller’s newest international cabal (the Trilateral Commission)…is intended to be the vehicle for multinational consolidation of the commercial and banking interests by seizing control of the political government of the United States.”

Public distrust of the group increased. In 1980, the American Legion national convention passed Resolution 773, which called for a congressional investigation of the Trilateral Commission and its predecessor the Council on Foreign Relations.  The following year the Veterans of Foreign War (VFW) adopted a similar resolution.  Congressman Larry McDonald introduced these resolutions, but Congress did not pass them.  On September 1, 1983 McDonald, a long-time critic of the global elite, was a passenger on Korean Airlines 007 when it was allegedly shot down by the Soviets.


During the 1980 presidential campaign Ronald Reagan blasted Trilateral Commission influence over both the Carter White House and the rival Bush campaign, vowing to investigate the TC if elected.  Reagan won the election. On March 30, 1981 he was shot by John Hinckley Jr.


On January 23, 1981 Scott Hinckley met with Neil Bush, son of George Sr., at his home after Hinckley’s Vanderbilt Oil Company had received notice of an audit by the Department of Energy.  On March 30th, Hinckley was told by Energy that they had uncovered pricing violations at Vanderbilt for the years 1977-1980.  Penalties were threatened. Just over an hour after Hinckley’s meeting with Bush ended, President Reagan was shot by Hinckley’s brother John Jr.  That night Scott Hinckley scheduled a dinner with Neil Bush.  Neil Bush was working at Amoco, which after becoming BP Amoco tapped Zbigniew Brzezinski for its board of directors. [5]

The judge at the Hinckley trial was Barrington D. Parker who had presided over the sham trial of Chilean dissident Orlando Letelier’s murderers.  When CIA Director Richard Helms was caught lying before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee about CIA funding of the 1973 Chilean coup that overthrew the democratically-elected Salvador Allende, it was Parker who gave Helms a 2-year suspended sentence and a paltry $2,000 fine.  That night Helms’ spook buddies met at a Washington, DC country club to celebrate.  In May 2001 President George W. Bush nominated Parker for a Federal Appeals Court appointment. [6]

John Hinckley had been arrested on weapons charges in Nashville in 1977 when President Carter happened to be in town.  But Hinckley walked and wasn’t even put on an FBI watch list.  The day he shot Reagan, a mysterious woman made several calls to Hinckley’s hotel room.  The Sunday night before Reagan was shot, Vice President George Bush Sr., who would have taken over as President had Reagan died, addressed the TC.  Reagan, for his part, never mentioned the Trilateral Commission again.

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Curious how quick the Hinckley names appears & family ties disappear.

From Monday March 30th, 1981 CNN Live Coverage of the Assassination attempt of the 40th President of The United States Ronald Reagan.

Coverage starts at 2:00 P.M E.T with President Reagan speaking to the AFL-CIO at the Washington Hilton Hotel. Reagan was shot by John Hinkley Jr. at 2:27 P.M E.T and Reagan was rushed to George Washington University Hospital.

This coverage gives a look at the early days of CNN and how different the network was back in 1981:

- Coverage includes commercials and other news reports as the coverage unfolded.

- 1st Reports of the shooting are at @32:48 into the video, less than 6 minutes after the shooting

- Nonstop coverage begins @38:22 into the video anchored by Barnard Shaw and Daniel Schorr along with reporters Mark Walton at the White House and Bob Berkowaitz hospital

- Coverage runs from 2:00:00 P.M E.T - 4:44:12 P.M E.T

- Al Haig "I'm in control" 2:14:01

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The 1987 PBS documentary The Secret Government: The Constitution In Crisis analyzes the threats to constitutional government posed by an illegitimate network of spies, profiteers, mercenaries, ex-generals and "superpatriots" who have tried, at various times, to take foreign policy into their own hands.


Learned something new today...

William Weld, the Libertarian party VP, was instrumental in blocking Senate investigations into Iran-Contra & Narcotics smuggling for Reagan/Bush. I fucking voted for this guy.

WASHINGTON -- The sudden uproar over a decade-old story -- cocaine smuggling linked to the CIA-backed Nicaraguan contra rebels -- could reverberate with special intensity in Massachusetts, where the controversy has the potential for affecting the outcome of a close Senate race.

That race pits John Kerry, the Democratic senator who led the investigation into contra drugs, against Republican William Weld, the chief of the Justice Department's criminal division when the contra-drug allegations were emerging as a national issue and when the Iran-contra scandal broke in the fall of 1986.

In new testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee on Oct. 23, one of Kerry's former investigators, Jack Blum, fingered Weld as the "absolute stonewall" who blocked the Senate's access to vital evidence linking the contras and cocaine. "Weld put a very serious block on any effort we made to get information," Blum told a crowded hearing room. "There were stalls. There were refusals to talk to us, refusals to turn over data."

This is the last part of a 90-minute documentary that was broadcast on PBS Frontline in November 1990. In the program, Bill Moyers describes how the Iran-Contra Affair was directed from within the White House with the full knowledge of President Ronald Reagan. His subversion of the Congress violated his constitutional oath, but he was never impeached.

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In conspiracy circles, there are always discussions about the timing of events, where they happen and why. Dates and other artifacts are discussed as a matter or record in order to understand whether or not an assassin or a perpetrator in a high profile shooting event has all of the earmarks of the lone nut assassin that has been programmed by a paramilitary or intelligence agency.

It is suspected that mind controlled assassins Lee Harvey Oswald, Sirhan-Sirhan, Charles Manson, Mark Chapman, David Koresh, Tim McVeigh, John Salvi, John Hinckley Jr., may have been mind-control victims.

One of the surviving “sleepers” is being released from prison, John Hinckley Jr. The timing of this is suspect and many worry that he could be activated again to do another job on another elected official.

Thirty-five years later, Hinckley has never expressed any guilt for the attempted murder of President Reagan, the maiming and eventual death of James Brady, or the wounding of D.C. Police officer Thomas Delahanty and Secret Service Tim McCarthy, one of only four agents in history to literally take a bullet for the president of the United States.

Instead, Hinckley called his act of horror “the greatest love offering in the history of the world.” He claims that he did it in the hopes of garnering the attention of a young Jodie Foster, the object of Hinckley’s stalker fixation.

John Hinckley, Jr. has never served a day in prison, and now never will. When he was found not guilty by reason of insanity, he spent his first several years exchanging letters with Ted Bundy and did all he could to reach out to Charles Manson. By the year 2000, he was routinely allowed unsupervised vacations from the hospital. Even after these privileges were revoked for his continued obsession, they were reinstated within a few years.

When the most aggrieved victim, Jim Brady, passed away in August of 2014, his death was ruled a homicide; there was hope that Hinckley would finally face justice, but the prosecutors declined to move forward.

Many editorialists have asked why he has been treated the way he has, why is he different and have questioned the timing of the release. In order to understand one has to dive into the story behind the story and understand conspiracy theory and how theory no longer applies here.

I know that today we find most Americans still stuck in what can be called the fairy land of perpetually immaculate American politics. As I have warned and as I have said that this notion is dangerous and if you look back into history we realize that no matter what political party you choose to identify with there is always a conspiracy or historic evidence that conspiracies exist and are also a part of American politics.

There really is no political party that can safely claim that they have been on the right or correct side of history.

When you open your mind to conspiracy history and mystical histories you will find that there are many patterns that always show up. These patterns can be identified by name association, numerological synchronicity, timing and execution and finally what is the outcome and who benefits from the planning of said conspiracy.


The question is how then did George H.W. Bush weasel his way into the Vice presidency? Reagan had stated publicly that he would never take Bush as his vice-presidential running mate. It has been rumored that Reagan was invited to a meeting with the Rockefellers in New York City where he was allegedly told:

“If you do not take my head of the Trilateral Commission’” (George H.W. Bush) “‘as your running mate, the only way you’ll see the inside of the White House is as a tourist.”

Many people saw trouble in the Reagan Whitehouse with the arrival of the ex CIA head.

After his assassination attempt in March of 1981, there has been the ever-present rumor that the Whitehouse was taken over and that Reagan became the puppet of George Herbert Walker Bush. Tucked somewhere in the memory holes of most Americans is the news report that was given by NBC News correspondent John Chancellor.

NBC news reported that the brother of the man who tried to kill the president was acquainted with the son of the man who would have become president if the bullet had killed Ronald Reagan. Chancellor reported that Scott Hinckley the brother of John Hinckley, Reagan’s assailant and Neil Bush had been scheduled to have dinner together the night after the attack.

Neil Bush, a land man for Amoco Oil, told Denver reporters he had met Scott Hinckley at a surprise party at the Bush home January 23, 1981, which was approximately three weeks after the U.S. Department of Energy had begun what was termed a “routine audit” of the books of the Vanderbilt Energy Corporation, the Hinckley oil company.

In an incredible coincidence, on the morning of March 30, three representatives of the U.S. Department of Energy told Scott Hinckley, Vanderbilt’s vice president of operations, that auditors had uncovered evidence of pricing violations on crude oil sold by the company from 1977 through 1980. The auditors announced that the federal government was considering a penalty of two million dollars. Scott Hinckley reportedly requested “several hours to come up with an explanation” of the serious overcharges. The meeting ended a little more than an hour before John Hinckley Jr. shot President Reagan. Although John Hinckley Sr. was characterized repeatedly by the national news media as “a strong supporter of President Reagan,” no record has been found of contributions to Reagan.

To the contrary, in addition to money given to Bush, a fellow Texas oilman, as far back as 1970, the senior Hinckley raised funds for Bush’s unsuccessful campaign to wrest the nomination from Reagan.

Furthermore, he and Scott Hinckley separately contributed to John Connally (Secretary of the Navy under President John F. Kennedy and shooting victim in Dallas) in late 1979 when Connally was leading the campaign to stop Reagan from gaining the 1980 presidential nomination. The Bush and Hinckley families, of course, would do better under a Bush presidency than it would under President Reagan.


Once the cabinet had decided that there had been no conspiracy, all such facts were irrelevant anyway. There is no record of Neil Bush, George W. Bush, or Vice President George H.W. Bush ever having been questioned by the FBI in regard to the contacts described. They never appeared before a grand jury or a Congressional investigating committee. No special prosecutor was ever appointed.

Which is another way of saying that by March, 1981, the United States government had degenerated into total lawlessness, with special exemptions for the now ruling Bush family. Government by laws had dissolved. The silent coup had arrived and Reagan was held captive. He could speak up and die, or cooperate.

How did the story of Neil Bush meeting with Scott Hinckley get lost in the annals of history?

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It was a matter of a diversion tactic.

The cameras were moved to a soap opera in the situation room when Secretary of State Alexander Haig on national television declared that “he was in control of the Whitehouse.”

“Constitutionally, gentlemen, you have the President, the Vice President, and the Secretary of State, in that order, and should the President decide that he wants to transfer the helm he will do so. He has not done that. As of now, I am in control here, in the White House, pending the return of the Vice President and in close touch with him. If something came up, I would check with him, of course.” —Alexander Haig

Haig made a hasty blunder and soon it was all over the news. Vice President Bush was in the air over Texas at the time of the shooting. John Hinckley Jr. allegedly fired the shots at Reagan. The bullet that entered Reagan’s body came within fractions of an inch of hitting President Reagan’s heart.

George Herbert Walker Bush was literally a heartbeat away from becoming the President of the United States. The relationship between George H.W. Bush and Ronald Reagan was never the same after that day and it seemed that the plans for the New World order were being implemented.

Reagan’s health deteriorated and it was believed that major decisions were made by George Herbert Walker Bush.

Now it doesn’t take a conspiracy theorist to see that the relationship between the Hinckley’s and the Bush families were suspect. Jack Hinckley, John Hinckley’s father had contributed heavily to George H.W. Bush’s 1980 political campaign. Both Jack Hinckley and George H.W. Bush were Texas oil men. On the day of the assassination John Hinckley’s Older brother was scheduled to meet with Neil Bush.

George H.W. Bush would have benefited greatly if Ronald Regan was killed.

George H.W. Bush’s ties with the CIA and was the director throughout the 1970’s however we can trace his activities all the way back to the 1961 Bay of Pigs invasion. Most Conspiracy history indicates that George Herbert Walker Bush, in addition to working for Zapata Offshore, may also have been a participant in certain covert operations of the US intelligence community.

Such participation would certainly be coherent with George’s role in the Prescott Bush, Skull and Bones, and Brown Brothers, Harriman networks. During the twentieth century, the Skull and Bones/Harriman circles have always maintained a sizable and often decisive presence inside the intelligence organizations of the State Department, the Treasury Department, the Office of Naval Intelligence, the Office of Strategic Services, and the Central Intelligence Agency.

A body of leads has been assembled which suggests that George Bush may have been associated with the CIA at some time before the autumn of 1963.

By the time of the Kennedy assassination, official FBI documents surfaced where J Edgar Hoover was investigating a “Mr. George Bush of the Central Intelligence Agency,” and despite official disclaimers there is every reason to think that it was the same man who was vice president during the assassination attempt on Ronald Reagan.

George Bush’s role in both Watergate and the October surprise/Iran-contra complex should also be investigated. In the Watergate scandal, Richard Nixon a protégé of Prescott Bush, was afraid that the documents would reveal the killers of John F. Kennedy.

The Iran Contra scandal was secret arrangement allegedly made by Bush in the 1980s to provide funds to the Nicaraguan contra rebels from profits gained by selling arms to Iran. The very activity that some conspiracy theorists believe allowed for the release of the Iranian hostages just before Ronald Reagan became president.

George Bush is demonstrably one of the most important protagonists of the Watergate scandal, and was the overall director of Iran-contra. Was he also a key figure in organizing an attempted coup against President Reagan?

Could it be that the CIA, with whom George Bush may have had a close association long before becoming its Director, wanted their man—Vice-President George Bush– in the White House instead of Reagan and used the pathetic Hinckley to do the job? The CIA, conspiracy theorists claim, played a part in the assassination of Kennedy and the removal of Nixon from the White House, so why not try it again?

Consider this…

John Hinckley had flown from Nebraska to Nashville in October 1980 with plans to assassinate President Jimmy Carter, but Nashville airport officials detained him when it was found he had three guns in his luggage. Amazingly, he was released with a fine after a mere five hours in detention, in a city where President Carter was expected. Hinckley also had links with the American Nazi Party and the Islamic Guerilla Army. A member of the latter group apparently warned the Secret Service of Hinckley’s plan to shoot Reagan two months before the shooting, but did nothing about it.

Forty-four days after the attempted assassination of Reagan, there was an attempt to assassinate Pope John Paul II during a general audience in St. Peter’s Square in Rome.

During those forty- four days the man in charge of the United States was George Herbert Walker Bush. The man who fired the shot at the pontiff was Mehmet Ali Agca. Agca was trained by CIA operative Frank Terpil. Terpil of course is an old associate of George Herbert Walker Bush and knew Lee Harvey Oswald, the assassin accused of killing Kennedy.

Furthermore, John Hinckley the father of John Hinckley Jr. was an official for World Vision Church, and organization whose missionaries were also CIA operatives. World Vision was an evangelical front for the CIA. World Vision “missionaries” were in contact with Jim Jones of The People’s Temple in Guyana –where over 900 people committed mass suicide. The massacre was seen as a mass mind control experiment as Jones was contacted by the so-called missionaries before the mass suicide ritual.

World Vision’s nefarious activities put them in the middle of several events where massacres take place. World Vision churches were responsible for espionage during the Vietnam War and were a crucial tool in Operation Phoenix where nearly 40,000 innocent civilians were murdered. World Vision also had representatives in the Cuban refugee camps recruiting anti-communist mercenaries namely Alpha 66 the notorious group from the CIA in the Bay of Pigs debacle.

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A mysterious “double” of John Hinckley, Jr., a man named Richardson, followed Hinckley’s path from Colorado to Connecticut, and even wrote love letters to Jody Foster. Richardson was a follower of Carl McIntyre’s International Council of Christian Churches, (part of the World Vision international partnership.) and attended their Bible School in Florida. He was arrested shortly after the assassination attempt in New York’s Port Authority with a weapon, and claimed he intended to kill Reagan.

Mark David Chapman, the killer of John Lennon, was an employee of World Vision and worked at a Port Chaffee Refugee camp. Both Chapman and John Hinckley, Jr. were allegedly triggered by the book “Catcher in the Rye” by J.D. Sallinger.

Salinger’s was employed by the United States Defense Intelligence agency, during and after World War II. His job was interrogating Nazi Intelligence officers and scientists about their mind control programs. Sallinger was responsible for the creation of the mind control program MK Ultra.

There is also a little known fact that John Hinckley Jr. attended the prayer vigil that was held for Lennon on December 14th 1980 in Central Park.

Now, granted this is a long and convoluted conspiracy yarn to get to what is now worrying some people in politics. Isn’t it interesting that Hinckley was released at a time associated with anti-Trump sentiment? Some people are murmuring that the release of Hinckley is a thinly veiled threat against Donald Trump.

Many are also remembering the actions of George H.W. Bush at the Texas Debate between Ted Cruz and Donald Trump.

On CNN, the camera shot showed Barbara and George watching from their seats. When the crowd saw the Bushes they applauded. Then, George did something bizarre and that is, he did a hand gesture that appeared to be a throat slashing.

Suddenly, there were all sorts of theories that Bush did it as a Masonic gesture to Trump meaning that he is being singled out, or that it was done to indicate his disapproval of Trump because he bullied Jeb from the race. There were all sorts of theories as to why he did it.

With John Hinckley Jr. out of his psychiatric lock up – conspiratorial imaginations are going off the rails.

Soundcloud:  https://soundcloud.com/groundzeromedia/a2016-8-1

The fourth Jason Bourne movie came out recently. Bourne was a super soldier under mind control and beginning to recover his memories. One of the alleged MK Ultra mind control shooters, John Hinckley Jr. will soon be released after 35 years of being institutionalized. With the presidential election coming up, is a possible scenario playing out whereby one of the candidates are a possible target of assassination? On tonight’s show, Clyde Lewis will be talking to the secret service agent who interviewed John Hinckley Jr,, John Carman about GEMSTONE REBOURNE.



The Gemstone File: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gemstone_File

The Gemstone File is a conspiracy theory document attributed to Bruce Porter Roberts. In 1975, "A Skeleton Key to the Gemstone File" appeared and is generally attributed to Stephanie Caruana. The "Key" is purportedly a synopsis of Roberts' documents that presents a chronicle of interlocking conspiracies, including claims that world events since the 1950s were shaped by suppressed information, the names of supposed shooters of President John F. Kennedy, and suggested connections between a number of political assassinations which occurred within a relatively short time frame. Authors James McConnachie and Robin Tudge called it "the original mega-conspiracy theory.


The Gemstone File proposes that Aristotle Onassis, Joseph P. Kennedy, and other prominent figures were involved in various schemes to forward a vast global conspiracy, involving the Mafia and corrupt politicians, brutal oil and drug cartels, rogue military operations, and more. It also posits that early in 1957, Aristotle Onassis had Howard Hughes kidnapped from his Beverly Hills Hotel bungalow; that Hughes suffered a massive brain injury during the forcible kidnapping, and that Hughes was subsequently a virtual prisoner of Onassis on Skorpios and injected regularly with morphine, while Onassis took over the operation of Hughes's considerable financial affairs, including airlines and U.S. defense contracting.

The Gemstone File portrays Onassis as the main force behind the election of John F. Kennedy as President, and subsequently, Kennedy's assassination in 1963. According to the documents, Lee Harvey Oswald was a patsy in the JFK assassination plan and was linked to the Central Intelligence Agency, and to Mafia connections in New Orleans, with Jimmy Fratianno, Johnny Roselli, and Eugene Brading as the real shooters. The Gemstone papers claim that John F. Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy and Joseph P. Kennedy were involved with the Mafia and Onassis, and when the Kennedy brothers attempted to break away, they were murdered.

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scrapdo - 

Nah, you’re just spouting a bunch of bullshit CTard stuff with no real evidence. This is what you mongoloids do. You posit a bunch of obtuse “questions” under the guise of having a theory but never specify exactly what happened and exactly who did it and how. In this case we have a living breathing victim who had access, after the fact, to any and all info as well as the power to employ the full power of the government to investigate for the next 7 years. We also have a an assailant, Alive to this day that has never implicated Bush or anyone else in power. The crime was captured in full view of cameras beginning to end with audio. 

 So I ask, what is your specific allegation? Who, what and how. Don’t just post a video of someone else saying something, what is your theory. You don’t believe the Jodie Foster letters? Jodie Foster lied for Bush too? Who else? How’d they get Jodie to continue lying her entire life?

Put it out there to be destroyed. 


Answer these questions or STFU dork. 

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This thread needs.... more Jodie Foster pics!
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Liyon - This thread needs.... more Jodie Foster pics!

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thought this was a little strange...

was this an attempt to normalize a homicidal obsession with Jodie Foster?



A 22-year-old unemployed man armed with a .32-caliber revolver was arrested yesterday afternoon in the Port Authority bus terminal in midtown Manhattan on charges of threatening the life of President Reagan.


In that room, they said, they found the letter promising to carry out the assassination of the President, three .32-caliber bullets and several magazine photographs of President Reagan with X's drawn through his face.

Handwritten under the photographs, the agents said, were the words ''targeted for death.'' According to the agents, the letter threatening Mr. Reagan said, in part, ''I depart now for Washington, D.C., to bring to completion Hinckley's reality.''


The Federal agents said that the bullets and the other material were found in plain view on a night table in the room. ''We don't know if they were inadvertently left behind,'' said Dan Marchitello, the special agent in charge of the Secret Service office in Connecticut, ''or if he was trying to be stopped.''


Investigators are looking into similarities between two letters threatening...


NEW YORK -- Investigators are looking into similarities between two letters threatening the life of President Reagan, federal sources said Wednesday -- one allegedly written by a gunman arrested Tuesday and the other received by a magazine the day Reagan was shot.

An anonymous letter mailed March 25 from Grand Junction, Colo., and received March 30 by 'The Evangelist' magazine in Baton Rouge, La., contained wording almost identical to that of a letter found Monday that allegedly was written by Edward Richardson, the sources said.


Like Hinckley, Richardson allegedly was obsessed with teen-age actress Jodie Foster and is accused of following her to New Haven and sending her a letter that threatened her life and Reagan's.

Two letters -- the one similar to the threat sent to Baton Rouge and another expressing affection for Miss Foster -- were found in his New Haven hotel room.

Richardson and Hinckley both had relatives who lived in the suburbs of Denver, and both had visited them during March.

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If it happend today Robert Muellers house would be burned down.

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HorseMeat4200 - 

If it happend today Robert Muellers house would be burned down.

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Bush’s ‘October Surprise’ File in Dispute


The National Archives is reconsidering its initial refusal to release Secret Service records regarding the whereabouts of George H.W. Bush on Oct. 19, 1980, when the then-Republican vice presidential candidate is alleged by some witnesses to have secretly traveled to Paris for illicit meetings with Iranian officials.

Gary M. Stern, general counsel for the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA), told me that a “serious review” is under way regarding my complaint that an earlier decision to withhold that information out of concern for the safety of Secret Service agents made no sense.

Stern said a decision is likely in the next couple of weeks, a time frame that suggests that Bush’s approval is being sought before any final decision is reached. Under existing rules, Bush could assert executive privilege to prevent a release, but that could be overturned by President Barack Obama or the White House counsel’s office.

For the past two decades, the senior George Bush has resisted releasing this information, even when it was sought by congressional investigators in 1992 as part of an inquiry into whether Ronald Reagan’s 1980 campaign went behind President Jimmy Carter’s back to delay release of 52 Americans then held hostage in Iran, the so-called October Surprise controversy.

Though redacted Secret Service reports were released in the early 1990s showing that Bush was taking that weekend off in Washington (with two non-public visits on Oct. 19, 1980), key details of those movements were whited-out, including the destination of an afternoon trip.

As the sitting president in 1992, Bush stopped the congressional investigators from checking out his presumed alibi, thus raising questions about whether some friendly Secret Service supervisor might have simply created false reports as a cover story for Bush’s trip to Paris. Under that scenario, Bush might have feared a full investigation would have uncovered the subterfuge.

Bush-41’s October Surprise Denials


For Bush, the emergence of this damaging scandal, which could have denied him his own shot at the White House, was time to test out his ability to “deny everything.” So, he denied knowing that the White House had been secretly running a Contra resupply operation in defiance of Congress, even though his office and top aides were in the middle of everything. Regarding the Iran arms deals, Bush insisted publicly he was “out of the loop.”

Behind closed doors where he ran the risk of perjury charges, Bush was more forthcoming. For instance, in non-public testimony to the FBI and the Iran-Contra prosecutor, “Bush acknowledged that he was regularly informed of events connected with the Iran arms sales.” [See Special Prosecutor’s Final Iran-Contra Report, p. 473]

But Bush’s public “out of the loop” storyline, more or less, held up going into the 1988 presidential election. The one time when he was directly challenged with detailed Iran-Contra questions was in a live, on-air confrontation with CBS News anchor Dan Rather on Jan. 25, 1988**.

** (see previous page) **

The Enduring Mystery

The drawn-out dispute over Bush’s whereabouts on that Sunday in October 1980 now stretches over more than two decades, from when the Secret Service initially agreed to release only redacted copies of Bush’s travel records even to federal prosecutors and Congress.

Though most investigators both inside and out of government gave great weight to the Secret Service records vouching for Bush’s apparent presence in the Washington area that day, Bush’s refusal to fill in the blanks created suspicions that he might have gotten a friendly supervisor on the Secret Service detail to cook up some movements as a cover story.

Another part of Bush’s alibi for Oct. 19 a morning trip to the Chevy Chase Country Club previously collapsed when no one at the club recalled the visit and the account from Secret Service supervisor Leonard Tanis, who described a brunch also involving Barbara Bush and Justice and Mrs. Potter Stewart, turned out to be false.

Disproving Tanis’s account, Mrs. Bush’s Secret Service records showed her taking a morning jog along the C&O Canal, and Mrs. Stewart told me that she and her late husband never had brunch with the Bushes at the Chevy Chase club.

When questioned by congressional investigators, none of the other Secret Service agents on the detail recalled going to the Chevy Chase club at all. After his Chevy Chase story was debunked, Tanis a Secret Service official who was known to be personally close to Bush withdrew it

That left Bush’s supposed afternoon trip on Oct. 19 as his key alibi. But there were problems with that story as well.

Evidence of a Paris Trip

Contradicting the shaky Secret Service records were several accounts of a Bush trip to Paris on the night of Oct. 18, 1980, and into the day on Oct. 19.

For instance, I informed the congressional investigators in 1992 about contemporaneous knowledge of the Bush-to-Paris trip provided to me by Chicago Tribune reporter John Maclean, son of author Norman Maclean who wrote A River Runs Through It.

John Maclean said a well-placed Republican source told him in mid-October 1980 about Bush taking a secret trip to Paris to meet with Iranians on the U.S. hostage issue.

After hearing this news in 1980, Maclean passed on the information to David Henderson, a State Department Foreign Service officer. Henderson recalled the date as Oct. 18, 1980, when the two met at Henderson’s Washington home to discuss another matter.

For his part, Maclean never wrote about the Bush-to-Paris leak because, he told me later, a Reagan campaign spokesman officially denied it. As the years passed, the memory of the leak faded for both Henderson and Maclean, until the October Surprise story bubbled to the surface in the early 1990s.

Henderson mentioned the meeting in a 1991 letter to a U.S. senator that was forwarded to me. Though not eager to become part of the October Surprise story in 1991, Maclean confirmed that he had received the Republican leak. He also agreed with Henderson’s recollection that their conversation occurred on or about Oct. 18, 1980.

The significance of the Maclean-Henderson conversation was that it was a piece of information locked in time untainted by later claims and counter-claims about the October Surprise dispute.


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good summary of (almost) everything so far, in under 3 mins.

surprised. wasn't aware there was this much chatter re: Bush & the shooting.

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Danny Casolaro:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Danny_Casolaro

Joseph Daniel Casolaro (June 16, 1947 – August 10, 1991) was an American freelance writer who came to public attention in 1991 when he was found dead in a bathtub in Room 517 of the Sheraton Hotel in Martinsburg, West Virginia, his wrists slashed 10–12 times. The medical examiner ruled the death a suicide.[1]

His death became controversial because his notes suggested he was in Martinsburg to meet a source about a story he called "the Octopus." This centered on a sprawling collaboration involving an international cabal, and primarily featuring a number of stories familiar to journalists who worked in and near Washington, D.C. in the 1980s—the Inslaw case, about a software manufacturer whose owner accused the Justice Department of stealing its work product; the October Surprise theory that during the Iran hostage crisis, Iran deliberately held back American hostages to help Ronald Reagan win the 1980 presidential election, the collapse of the Bank of Credit and Commerce International, and Iran–Contra.[2]

Casolaro's family argued that he had been murdered; that before he left for Martinsburg, he had apparently told his brother that he had been frequently receiving harassing phone calls late at night; that some of them were threatening; and that if something were to happen to him while in Martinsburg, it would not be an accident. They also cited his well-known squeamishness and fear of blood tests, and stated they found it incomprehensible that if he were going to commit suicide, he would do so by cutting his wrists a dozen times [3] A number of law-enforcement officials also argued that his death deserved further scrutiny, and his notes were passed by his family to ABC News and Time Magazine, both of which investigated the case, but no evidence of murder was ever found.




What happened to Danny Casolaro? Did this freelance reporter become so disheartened in pursuit of the biggest story of his life -- a story that struck even one of his best friends as improbable -- that he retreated to a hotel room miles from home, got into a bathtub and slashed his arms as many as 12 times? Or was he murdered because he knew too much about a scandal that reached to the highest levels of government?

Perhaps no one will ever know with any certainty. Martinsburg authorities initially ruled the death a suicide, and their investigation has so far yielded no evidence of foul play. They continue to examine forensic evidence and Casolaro's psychological profile. An autopsy report released yesterday said he had traces of an antidepressant and a prescription painkiller in his system. A bottle of painkilling medication, prescribed to Casolaro after root canal work in 1988, was found in his room. Casolaro's brother, a doctor, said that as far as he knew, Danny Casolaro was never treated for depression.

Friends are urging the family to hire a private detective.

Casolaro had told people he was going to West Virginia to meet a source. He said he was about to break a story that he had been pursuing for more than a year, a story about a global conspiracy that tied together several scandals and alleged scandals -- the Iran-contra affair, the Bank of Credit and Commerce International, the Justice Department's alleged theft of software from a computer company called Inslaw.

On Aug. 10, two days after he arrived, his body was found by hotel employees -- an apparent suicide. There was a brief note, which authorities have refused to release even to his family. He was embalmed -- on a Sunday -- with haste that later seemed peculiar to relatives, who had not yet been notified. Local authorities said they followed routine procedures.

In the ensuing weeks, friends and family still say they cannot believe Casolaro, 44, would kill himself -- even though several concede that suicide may be sudden, unpredictable, inexplicable. Arthur Weinfield, a retired staff officer at the National Security Agency and a friend of the Casolaro family for 28 years, has considered the circumstances again and again.

"I come out with 100 different answers and I've stopped playing that game with myself," says Weinfield, 59. "But I can say that the Danny Casolaro who was my best, beloved friend, who I grieve for very much, was not a person that would have committed suicide."

Danny Casolaro was a freelance journalist who told his friends and family that he was close to cracking a story he called The Octopus, which he referred to as the political conspiracy of the century. In August of 1991 he packed his notes and headed to West Virginia to conduct some final interviews for his forthcoming book. On August 10, 1991, he was found dead in his hotel room. The death was immediately ruled a suicide.




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FBI file casts doubt on Bureau’s investigation into the suspicious death of journalist Danny Casolaro


Newly released records shows Bureau lied to Congress about the case, and may have interfered in their own investigation


The FBI file for the suspicious death of journalist Danny Casolaro is obviously incomplete, even before realizing that the release is about 1,000 pages smaller than the FBI first estimated. However, the file does reveal several key things. First, the FBI’s sources contradicted what the DOJ would declare were the motives behind Casolaro’s “suicide.” Second, the file shows that the Bureau lied to members of Congress about not investigating Casolaro’s death. Third, documents show that the FBI agents who did investigate it questioned the conclusion of suicide, even though doing so was understood to be a threat to their careers.

Danny Casolaro was a journalist who had been working on a complex case involving government corruption stretching from the DOJ and FBI to the CIA and beyond. His death has often been connected to the death of Alan Standorf, who had been one of his sources. Like Casolaro’s, Standorf’s death is suspicious for a number of reasons discussed here. Despite asserting that it was a simple robbery-homicide and unconnected to his work with the Army and NSA, the FBI claims that there is an ongoing law enforcement proceeding regarding Standorf’s death. Casolaro’s death was ruled a suicide, although those conclusions are challenged both by previously released documents and new materials in the FBI file.

The official report issued by Judge Bua - the ostensible independence of which is questionable - states quite clearly that the motive behind Casolaro’s alleged suicide was financially based.

 The FBI’s interviews with sources, however, contradict this conclusion. According to one of the individuals interviewed, Danny wouldn’t have killed himself over money - he “could have borrowed whatever money [he] needed.”

 At the time of his death, Casolaro was investigating a network of corruption that included PROMIS, and the BCCI and BNL banks. From there, his investigation spread to other events. A copy of one of his notes and book proposals on the subject was provided to the Bureau.

 “What may have begun,” Casolaro wrote, “for these few learned men as a utopian response to the harsh post-war realities quickly gave way to what simple men have always known to be the real enemy which is selfishness and its allied forces of fear, greed and power.”

 Given the nature and suspicious circumstances of Casolaro’s suicide, his family and many of his friends suspected the suicide had been staged. While there was plenty of disagreement (much of which now seems tainted by revelations such as the forensic expert basing his conclusions on a police reenactment video), the suspicion was more than enough for multiple calls to be made of a major inquiry into his death. That his source Alan Standorf had also died under mysterious circumstances and that the law was violated by embalming his body without consent or a proper autopsy simply added fuel to the fire. A year after Casolaro’s death, this led to Congressman John Porter writing to FBI Director Sessions about the matter.

It’s unclear precisely when the FBI investigation into Casolaro’s death began, but FBI’s Inspector in Charge for the Office of Public and Congressional Affairs assured Congressman Porter that there was no investigation on September 14, 1992.

However, FBI documents reveal that they were investigating Casolaro’s death as early as the next day.

While this response might not have been a willful lie to Congress, the next assurance issued by the FBI’s office was - several weeks after the Bureau had begun investigating aspects of Casolaro’s death, they informed Congressman Vic Fazio that not only weren’t they investigating the matter, but they were “unable to” investigate it.

Other FBI interviews prior to the letter to Congress make it explicit that the Bureau was investigating aspects of Casolaro’s death.

The FBI’s claim to Congress that they could not investigate the matter, and that no federal law appeared to have been broken, is also contradicted by materials from the Martinsburg offices that the Bureau insisted had jurisdiction. According to a letter from the then-assistant prosecutor, who still worked in the office years later, the Casolaro file had been sealed on the direction of “federal authorities” who took copies of everything after informing the Martinsburg offices that they were no longer the custodians of those records. The federal authorities then instructed the Martinsburg offices not to unseal or otherwise discuss the materials unless they received a “federal release.”

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Some of these Martinsburg materials, such as notes from the Martinsburg Police, have subsequently been obtained and seem to contradict what the official report says the notes say.

Other FBI documents, previously released as part of a Special Access Review being conducted by the National Archives, also contradict the assertion to Congress that the matter was not being investigated by the FBI. These documents show that FBI agents attempting to investigate the matter found themselves meeting “almost complete resistance from the Martinsburg police and prosecutor’s office.” While one agent in Pittsburgh suggested this was because they “felt besieged,” the letter from the prosecutor’s office implies that it may have been the result of instructions from federal authorities.

Another section of the formerly SECRET report shows that the FBI was aware of threats made against Casolaro’s life, but that they “expressed little interest” while the DOJ declared the death a suicide.

The FBI similarly ignored the recommendation of FBI Special Agent Thomas Gates that a murder or ITAR investigation be opened into the death of Danny Casolaro and the surrounding events.

This document also shows that additional interviews were conducted but unreleased, which may have been in the approximately 1,000 pages that the FBI decided were non-responsive to the request.

When the FBI BCCI Task Force tried to gain access to this information, they were simply denied.

Significantly, more than half the FBI agents that did look into Casolaro’s death “questioned the conclusion of suicide” and recommended further investigation. This level of doubt “was especially significant, because even at that time (December 1992), it was clear that to express those views risked one’s own judgment being called into question.” For an FBI agent to have their judgment called into question was to have their career called into question.

Collectively, the FBI documents which have been released do a great deal to undermine the official narrative of Danny Casolaro’s death and the DOJ’s conclusions. Not only did the Bureau lie to Congress, but they dropped leads and may well have interfered in their own investigation. This, combined with the DOJ’s decision to ignore the changing alibi of the main suspect in Casolaro’s death, and the FBI’s sources contradicting what the DOJ said was the motive behind the alleged suicide, casts significant doubt on the Bureau.

Additional materials from his FBI file will discussed in a future article, along with the FBI file on PROMIS, which has been called a forerunner to PRISM. In the meantime, you can read the FBI file embedded below, or on the request page.



FULL CASOLARO FBI FILE: https://www.muckrock.com/foi/united-states-of-america-10/casolaro-23013/#file-72525



Inslaw: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Inslaw

During the 12-year long legal proceedings, INSLAW accused the Department of Justice of conspiring to steal its software; attempting to drive the Company into Chapter 7 liquidation; using the stolen software for covert intelligence operations against banks and foreign governments, as well as in U.S. law enforcement and intelligence agencies; and failure to conduct a credible investigation of the violent death of an investigative journalist, whose violent death occurred the same week the reporter had told confidants he had broken the case of the Justice Department's theft of the PROMIS software, following a 12-month, full-time investigation.

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Nah, you’re just spouting a bunch of bullshit CTard stuff with no real evidence. This is what you mongoloids do. You posit a bunch of obtuse “questions” under the guise of having a theory but never specify exactly what happened and exactly who did it and how. In this case we have a living breathing victim who had access, after the fact, to any and all info as well as the power to employ the full power of the government to investigate for the next 7 years. We also have a an assailant, Alive to this day that has never implicated Bush or anyone else in power. The crime was captured in full view of cameras beginning to end with audio. 

 So I ask, what is your specific allegation? Who, what and how. Don’t just post a video of someone else saying something, what is your theory. You don’t believe the Jodie Foster letters? Jodie Foster lied for Bush too? Who else? How’d they get Jodie to continue lying her entire life?

Put it out there to be destroyed. 


Answer these questions or STFU dork. 


LOL that is exaclty what I'm doing dipshit, asking questions.

LOLOL. I think it's clear who did it & how.

which questions are "obtuse"?

watch the video if you're going to comment on it.

Do I believe Hinckley wrote letters to Foster? of course, why wouldn't I? could that only be part of the motive? why not? why so dismissive about the familes' relationship?

Tell me about Reagan's Presidency, It doesn't really seem like he was "in the loop" much after that. IC backed Bush over Reagan, LOL @ that investigation.

You admitted yourself in the OP you were “too young to comprehend what was happening at the time” but now you’re somehow the one who really knows what happened? GTFOH. and yes, I know you’re asking questions. You’re asking questions like a bitch rather than stating exactly what happened. Who did exactly what and how? You think it’s clear because you don’t know what you’re taking about. 

And yes, Reagan was most certainly “in the loop” for a long time after this attempt on his life early in his first term. Again, if you’re saying he wasn’t, say that and support it. Don’t be a cunt and ask me an entirely new question without ever committing to a statement and then having to prove it. You’re a clown. 

so first I'm "asking obtuse questions" & now I'm "somehow the one who really knows what happened"?

LOL. gotcha.

first off, watch the video, it's obvious what fucking happened.

Reagan said himself he didn't know half of what was going on re: Iran-Contra right? was he just playing dumb? wasn't Oliver North reporting directly to the Special Situations Group?


Serious question, are you retarded? I don’t honestly think you “really know(s) what happened”, dummy. That was sarcasm. I really wish your mother was a swallower. 

Anyway, I’ve done my job here. Everyone can see you bitched out of taking a real position by stating the facts then being tasked with supporting them. 

I’ll no longer argue with someone that refuses to commit to facts and support them with evidence, thereby bumping this stoopid thread. Enjoy wallowing in you ignorance. 



you stormed in here with your panties in a bunch for no reason. are you a bitch?

what "facts" haven't I supported? what have you contributed?

only one arguing (& dodging questions) here is you.

If that's him, this is you...

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it's been a long time, but wasn't he correct in the end?

where you at Hammer??

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Army Secrecy Surrounds Standorf Death


Questions about the death of Alan David Standorf, a Whitehall High School graduate whose corpse was found at a Washington, D.C., airport 10 days ago, may never be answered because of the highly classified nature of Standorf's Army job, his brother said yesterday.

Standorf, 34, was a civil employee of Vint Hill Farm, a military security installation near Manassas, Va., but he resigned from that job in December because his Army Reserves unit had been called for Persian Gulf War training at Fort Bragg, N.C., police said.

A brother, Mark Standorf of Bethlehem, said the last time family members saw Standorf alive was Dec. 28, when he was visiting relatives in the Lehigh Valley before heading back to the D.C. area. Mark Standorf said Alan visited friends in Virginia on New Year's Eve, and he saw his landlady the following day.

Dr. Stephen Sheehy of the Medical Examiner's Office in Northern Virginia confirmed information the family was given -- that Standorf died of a blunt force blow to the back of the head around Jan. 4.

Standorf's body, with no visible wounds, was found the night of Jan. 28 under clothing and luggage on the back floor of his small car, Sheehy said.

Standorf's car had been on a short-term parking lot at Metropolitan Washington National Airport since Jan. 4, said David Hess, spokesman for the Metropolitan Washington Airport police.

Mark Standorf said his mother, Jeanette, would worry when Alan might casually mention that he was thinking of getting out of military work to become a policeman. When Mrs. Standorf once commented that a policeman's job would be too dangerous, Alan replied, `What I do now is dangerous,'" Mark Standorf recalled. "Apparently whatever he (Alan) was doing was for the war."

"Everything he did was classified," Mark Standorf said, adding that if family conversation turned to work, Alan would quickly remind them he couldn't talk about it.


That Standorf's death might have been connected to his job at Vint Hill is being investigated, police said. However, they said, they have not ruled out robbery as a motive for the death.

Police feel certain that Standorf "was killed in an area remote from the airport and transported to airport property," Hess said.

Hess said he talked with investigators yesterday and was not given any further information about the case.

Link Sought In Deaths Of Reporter, Former Whitehall Man


Investigators are looking into the possibility that a former Whitehall Township man found dead in his car had been a source for an investigative reporter whose body was discovered in a West Virginia hotel bathtub.

"It would be wrong to say I'm not looking for a link," said Detective Joseph Young of the Metropolitan Washington Airport police. "But I see none."

The body of Alan D. Standorf, 34, of Warrenton, Va., was found in his car last January at Washington's National Airport. Authorities blamed the death on a blow to the head.

Free-lance reporter Joseph Daniel Casolaro was found dead last month with his wrists slashed in a hotel bathtub in Martinsburg, W. Va. Authorities initially ruled the death a suicide.

Standorf worked at a super-secret military "listening post" not far from Washington. Casolaro, 44, of Fairfax, Va., was investigating allegations of government wrongdoing.

Eight months after their son's death, Norman and Jeanette Standorf of Whitehall Township, have few clues about what happened to him.

"They answer our questions with their own," Jeanette Standorf said last week of federal authorities. "It's frustrating."

Standorf gave his parents no indication he was in trouble. Nor did he ever discuss his sensitive job.

"When he came home, we only talked family stuff," said his father.

A review of the personal effects of both Standorf and Casolaro revealed no written proof of any contacts between them, said Young. Police checked after receiving a tip from a Casolaro associate.

But Bill Turner, a defense industry whistleblower who met with Casolaro just before his death, suspects that Standorf was a Casolaro source who "dried up."

Turner remembers Casolaro speaking of the disappearance of a key source. Although Casolaro did not name Standorf as that person, the circumstances surrounding Standorf's death correspond with what Casolaro said about the source.

Turner now believes Standorf was the source.

"That's not enough to go on," said Young, of the airport police. "There's no link. I don't have anything to go on."


Authorities believe Standorf was killed weeks earlier at another site. His car had been in a short-term parking lot at the airport since Jan. 4.

Authorities have made efforts to "tone down" the release of information surrounding Standorf's death from the start.

"This is not strictly a police investigation anymore," Lt. Norman Ford, of the airport police, was quoted as saying in early February. "The government is involved, too."

The FBI and Army authorities reportedly are investigating, along with police from the airport and from Martinsburg. Young said he lacks promising leads.

"Standorf was killed around the first of the year, and the body was found at the end of the month," Young said. "That gave the killer 25 days. It was a cold trail when we started."

Martinsburg police had no comment.

"I'm sorry, but there are no details being released on that at this time," a spokesman said. "You're just going to have to wait and see what develops."

New Updates On Inslaw Octopus & Promis Software And The Mysterious Murder Of Danny Casolaro

Ed Opperman with his special guest Ted Rubinstein follow up on the on Danny Casolaro - Octopus & Promis Software - The Involvement of Adnan Khashogi and also breaking news on Libertarian Candidate Gary Johnson's involvement.


What do Iran-Contra, the October Surprise, surveillance software, super-spies and mysterious mafia hits all have in common? The answer might surprise you.

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12:00 in the Fronline/Oct Surprise doc.

When Reagan's former rival George Bush became the Vice Presidential nominee, he brought with him strong support from the Intelligence community. within the spy agency itself, contempt for Carter & an endorsement of Bush were literally written on the walls.

Senate staffer Angelo (something) was a frequent visitor to CIA headquarters.

"There were Reagan/Bush posters cut off in the middle, with only the George Bush name up all over the agency. one could walk the halls of the CIA & see Bush signs & Bush's name all over the place. George Bush was the white knight of the CIA"


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Hammerstein - Three cheers for copypasta!

Do you want a cookie or something?

that's it? LOL.

find me more than a handful talking about this. I feel a bit of ownership on this one. the  "copy pasta" are dots to connect. not that you took time to read them I'm sure.

I guess Flat Earth & Qanon are more your speed.