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10/9/18 3:01 PM
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yeah, these were taken inside the "cry room" of a church, during a wedding...notice the stained glass and pews


sorry, i couldnt help myself...i love Dominicans




she is looking right at me in this one, as we were chatting ....i was on my phone "checking emails" so she didnt think anything of me having my phone in my hand



10/9/18 3:03 PM
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Damn, i want to smell her butt
10/9/18 3:03 PM
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is there nothing sacred to you infidels? 

10/9/18 3:04 PM
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10/9/18 3:05 PM
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JerseyCityMMA - Damn, i want to smell her butt

she was not wearing any underwear, based on my above the dress inspectiojns with various light sources

10/9/18 3:17 PM
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In Limbo -
JerseyCityMMA - Damn, i want to smell her butt

she was not wearing any underwear, based on my above the dress inspectiojns with various light sources

You're a fucking creep! So am I though, so I love this thread. Moar

10/9/18 3:18 PM
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Never_rolled -

Every Domincan chick I have ever met in So. Fl.  had somewhat nappy hair and their mothers were rasing their kids. Not joking every single one.


I #metoo'ed a Dom cleaning girl now that I think about it. She complained her BF would never fuck her. She suspected him of having the ghey. I never fucked her BTW. I made a weak attempt having porn on one day. Damn I am that creepy guy. She banged her fathers old friend and he knocked her up. She left a kid in the DR to be raised by her mother already. I lost touch with her after she told me about her fathers friend.

LOL @ playing porn while the cleaning lady is in the house

ive stumbled across a few of thos videos on pornhub

funny you mention it, bc this chick commented on my height (all 6'0" of me) and how her husband was "only" 5'7'"

she stood next to me to compare then she diminutively showed me how short her husband was putting her hand to the top of my shoulders

she knew what she was doing

10/9/18 3:34 PM
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10/9/18 3:34 PM
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10/9/18 3:35 PM
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thanks stank!

10/9/18 3:43 PM
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Dear lord

10/9/18 4:46 PM
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“I’ll allow it!”  -God

10/9/18 4:49 PM
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10/9/18 4:49 PM
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OP...i'm really grateful for your contributions to this online community, and equally glad you are part of my IRL community.
10/9/18 5:04 PM
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If it were up to me, you would go straight to heaven for providing us with that amazing Dominican ass. 

10/9/18 5:08 PM
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I wanna have a good cry with my face in her ass

10/9/18 5:09 PM
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There's nothing creepy about those pictures. 

10/9/18 5:09 PM
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Never heard of a crying room

10/9/18 5:10 PM
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LiveWire -

Never heard of a crying room

lol, it's basically a room where people with small kids who are noisy can sit and watch the mass without bothering other people with the crying and such.....not for adult crying

10/9/18 8:10 PM
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RubberFistofFury -

“I’ll allow it!”  -God


10/9/18 8:21 PM
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She looks incredible! Damn !

10/9/18 8:23 PM
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PelosiesPanties -

She looks incredible! Damn !

she was


She had me leaking precum in fucking church!