OtherGround Forums Is it going down in louisville next week?

9/21/20 4:57 AM
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9/21/20 6:14 AM
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9/21/20 9:23 PM
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They are going to have therapists, aroma therapy and massage therapists out there for rioters to try to calm them down when they get going. 

9/21/20 9:28 PM
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I was listening to one of the blm protesters out there and he was telling the antifa people to man up if they do something fucked up. He was telling them that if they throw rocks and bottles that they need to stand there and take it on the chin. Not to run away and let someone else take the punishment for what they did. They were also telling people to stay away from federal buildings if they know what's good for them. 

9/23/20 11:27 AM
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Here we go. Announcement is coming this afternoon. 

9/23/20 1:29 PM
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Illinois has put the National Guard on alert, expectiting all kinds of trouble when this drops.