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2/14/20 9:39 PM
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Rakoshi -

   I had a friend in college that was in the parking lot behind the gym after wrestling practice. He took his stuff to the car and was coming back in to take a leak before driving back to his apartment. When the door shut it locked and he could not get back in, so he pissed behind his car door in the parking lot. Someone saw him and turned him in. He was charged with indecent exposure, suspended for the rest of the semester and lost his scholarship. True story - everyone pees, he tried to camo things behind the car door, but someone got offended and he suffered. This was in 1978, can you image how triggered some of these snowflakes would be today by the sight of a (shudder) penis? Of course, today the ACLU would have helped him fight it and he would have kept his scholly. 

My boss pissed like that at a gas pump the other day.  There were a couple of us in the truck with him.  

2/14/20 9:40 PM
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If I saw someone wanking off in their car I'd call the cops to embarrass him.

2/14/20 9:48 PM
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I liked how the DDD bitch put the gluten bitch in her place. That was fun. 

Coeliac disease sucks. I feel sorry for her to be honest. The fake Christian shit is more annoying to me. 

2/14/20 10:06 PM
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Wow.....brutal.....conversion van for the win.....shaggin' wagon!!! FULL TINT.

2/14/20 10:12 PM
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Jacking it in the car is really easy. Just throw out an umbrellla. Instant tent