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3/16/19 10:38 AM
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So appropriate

How did SNL go from this the cuckfest they show now?

3/16/19 1:53 PM
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So appropriate

How did SNL go from this the cuckfest they show now?

Night and day difference 

3/16/19 11:40 PM
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So appropriate

How did SNL go from this the cuckfest they show now?

They fired Norm

3/17/19 3:01 AM
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Your first post comes off as a defense for him. To me. I dont think thats an issue of my very low reading comprehension but based on how someone could read into "Im not defending...its not an excuse...but...(attack the side who thinks hes guilty)". I then found some humor in someone saying people are pretentious in their opinions that hes guilty while then offering up your own opinion about his life upbringing and nuttyness. How is one not pretentious while the other is? Maybe I am a retard, you could explain it to me. 

You answered your own question, you read into something that wasn't there, and even worse it was clearly stated it wasn't a defense or an excuse if he was guilty.. You wanted it to be so you made it. I did not give my opinion on his childhood or upbringing I stated facts about it, except the possiblity of him being molested..that was the only assumption I made. I'm confused on why I need to explain to you the difference in stating facts about his very public and well known childhood and a declaration of guilt without proof. That is baffling to me.

You comparing the two on their level of fame doesnt correlate to anything IMO. There have been people just as big or bigger for longer periods of time than Garth who arent nutty and didnt need a break.

Ok, here you're actually making my argument for me. The point is fame can turn you into a stange person, it can totally change you.. not that it's an absolute or happens to everyone I never said or implied that. I used Garth as an example...he got a little strange and he was never as big as MJ, so if it can (can, not does or will) happen to a someone of Garth's level, it certainly can be multiplied by someone of MJ's level. Again, it's not an excuse or defense, just an explaination of possibly why or how MJ became a strange person in his actions and behaviors....then throw in his childhood on top of it.

That is completely over simplifying it. What is weird? Is weird being a grown man who likes comics? Or is weird being a grown man who acts like a young boy? No one is saying the grown men going to Avengers: Endgame are Pedo's. But they might if he talks like a young boy but doesnt have to and likes to sleep with young boys. It wasnt a case of this guys weird so lets crucify him. It was more like  "wait, does this weirdo really like sleeping with little boys, takes them to awards shows, holds their hands, and acts like one? Yeah he could be a pedo. Oh shit and some kids accused him of that? Makes sense to me.

Here is where we can find some resolution at least maybe a little. I would basically agree with this but......MJ wasn't some ordinary guy and this is where his childhood and subsquent adult life come into play.

Lets say you grew up with George. You've known George your whole life and had a common childhood. George became a mechanic and you hung out once in a while....Then one day he's accused of molesting a kid. You're taken back, you know George, he couldn't possibily do this, then the facts come out....he hung out with the neighborhood kids, had them over, gave them ice cream, took them places etc. Shit starts to add up, you think it's probably true. That makes sense because you've walked in his shoes, you knew exactly what his life and upbringing was like, why would someone behave that way if he wasn't most likely a pedo. 

MJ did not have that life and you have no clue what it was like to grow up how he did and how his entire life was. That is very relevant, it's more than possible he had some very deep seeded psychological issues stemming from his childhood where he satisfied it by trying to be a kid himself as an adult. Roller coasters, zoo's, sleepovers and generally acting like a normal child which he did not have the experience of being. I'm no expert but I believe most pedos come from a place of authority, they don't act or behave like children, they use authoritative power and endulge children by buying them gifts and such to gain trust. There's no argument MJ behaved inappropriately, that's not a question but it is not crazy to think he was just a fucked up guy with mental issues.


Or he was fucking kids idk.

I'm almost positive that this comment lays out an extremely well thought out, thorough, evidence based theory that gets to the truth of the main issue being discussed in this thread while simultaneously tying up most of the other peripheral accusations levied upon Michael Jackson and the rest of the Jackson family.


But I'll never know because your comment is TLDR. 


Good day to you sir.