OtherGround Forums Joker movie will bring out The crazies

10/4/19 7:10 PM
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No crazies came out that I've heard of so far.

10/4/19 7:56 PM
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Only wackjobs this movie brought out were fear mongering media.
10/4/19 8:11 PM
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CRE - Only wackjobs this movie brought out were fear mongering media.

I'm surprised CNN doesn't have a news van at the local cinema doing a live stream.

10/4/19 10:55 PM
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Just got out guys...OGing from the ER. 

Seriously, though Jaquoin killed it. On par with Ledger imo. Deniro was a perfect cunt as well. The ending is impeccable. The reason behind the reviews are not really due to violence it was how they portrayed the left as a mob of mentally ill. 

10/5/19 10:24 AM
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Guy at work said it was good, but said it glorified being insane and mentally ill, glad I was wrong. In a world with everyone taking antidepressants because they can’t handle real life shit, I could see this movie inspirational to a unstable person. 


10/7/19 9:18 AM
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Onikage - That theory sounds real retarded, sir.

10/7/19 9:26 AM
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OP, how does it feel to be a putty brained, media controlled zombie?

I was cracking up all weekend thinking of you dopes sweating through the entire movie, waiting for your chance to save the day in a firefight against a 19yo 130lb virgin boy in the a theater. So embarrassing...
10/7/19 9:45 AM
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If something does happen, it's because the media won't shut the fuck up about it.

Seems like they're wanting it to happen, just so they can say, "see, we told you"


10/17/19 2:24 PM
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mrblonde1281 - 
Onikage - That theory sounds real retarded, sir.

This aged well

I agree
10/17/19 3:02 PM
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DC Comics is owned by Warner Brothers.

Warner Bros is owned by Warner Media, which also owns CNN and Warner Bros Home Entertainment, which owns Rotten Tomatoes.  


Can you say 'fake news'?  

10/18/19 5:19 AM
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The theatre I saw it at had had 5 officers.

2 in the entryway, 2 in the halls near the theatre showing it and 1 actually in the theatre.

And they weren’t playing.  It wasn’t a fat guy and a few women cops.

It was 5 guys who were all 200 to 240lbs or so, jacked, and paying attention.

I didn’t mind it at all.

It allowed me to relax and enjoy a subpar movie.