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8/14/19 7:37 PM
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I don't think its a horrible idea however the practice of it is the problem. If it wasn't going to be some SJW nonsense then yeah I think LGBT history is a part of American history. Nothing wrong with learning about it at a high school level. However I think we all know since an inch has been given they will take it a mile and turn something simple to some abusrd chapter about how they're all victims and yadda yadda yadda. 

This is why we can't have nice things. 

8/14/19 7:42 PM
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8/14/19 7:42 PM
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TV-Y7 ^^

8/14/19 7:43 PM
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And once again they bring back a 90's gem 

8/14/19 7:46 PM
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TheRoguewrestler -
HotSteppa - What is wrong with learning about contributions of gays throughout history? Many faced horrible oppression or suffered in silence.
From musicians, actors, scientists, philosophers, sports, there have been many that contributed. I have no problem with it.

The only difference between a homo and a hetro is their preferred sexual partners. Who the fuck cares what their contributions were? Shall we also teach the contributions of people who write left handed? Or for people with poor vision? Maybe we have a parade for people with long hair...… fucken stupid shit.

This is simply untrue. The oppression that LGBTQ have experienced means their stories were not told, means their contributions were not recognized, impacts many speheres such as law, etc. If it was that simple a distinction then there would be little to discuss. 

8/14/19 7:50 PM
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Enough with this faggot shit already. Your gay I get it good for you. If it was "normal" you would be able to reproduce - but you can't - natures law not mine. 

8/14/19 7:57 PM
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I'm far from an SJW but depending on the history class I can see a legit argument for some LBGT history to be taught.

If the class is Social Studies (a history class) then I see it being taught. They teach the civil rights movement and other things like that so why not?

If the class is World History or US Government then it should not be taught as that's that important of an event/subject.


People seem to forget that History class as itself no longer exists. It now is a wide selection of different classes and it should be. Just like how Math is not just simply Math now after a certain grade. Its Trig-Algebra 1-Geometry-Calculus. So depending on the history class I see why some feel it should be taught.

8/14/19 8:02 PM
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Stop telling me where u stick your dink. And damn sure don’t mention it to my kids.

Sincerely, working class.

8/14/19 8:07 PM
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So, ultimately, it will be a psychology class?