OtherGround Forums Lazy sunday. What are YOU doing?

8/25/19 11:53 AM
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Work. 12hr dayshift. Hang out with wife & son until he goes to bed then off to the gym for an hour. Wake up & do it all over again until Wednesday evening, won't have to be back until the next Wednesday dayshift. 

8/25/19 12:13 PM
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rmenergy -

Work. 12hr dayshift. Hang out with wife & son until he goes to bed then off to the gym for an hour. Wake up & do it all over again until Wednesday evening, won't have to be back until the next Wednesday dayshift. 

Noice. .! 

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Getting my old balls out from under the bed and going bowling, then hopefully getting my other set of balls polished later after beating everyone's ass on the lanes.

8/25/19 12:46 PM
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first made the bed and stretching......then coffee with choco-chip oatmeal cookies while listening to some cafe jazz and reading Charlie-Brown Peanuts and some other book reading......now finishing the coffee and checking internets......

8/25/19 12:54 PM
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running 12 miles of my upcoming marathon course . had to stop and refuel cause I'm a carb whore. back to the pavement!
8/25/19 1:25 PM
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Coffee, The Office reruns, coffee, calling my old man, chicken, ginger sex, etc

8/25/19 1:27 PM
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Dutchemperor86 -
oldnslow -

Will cook breakfast for my wife and two kids... and my in-laws (mother, father, sister-in law) who slept over last night. 


At 11:30am EST will crack a beer and tell everyone to shut the fuck up while I watch Tottenham hopefully kick Newcastle's ass.


At 3pm will go to an end of the summer PTA picnic for my kid's school. 


Tonight I was promised sex in exchange for all the in law hosting. 

Football season started again.. my team (Ajax) doesnt play weekend because of CL. Btw... fuck you spurs... just kidding. 

Well Newcastle took revenge for Ajax today. Fucking Spurs looked flat.

8/25/19 1:55 PM
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Cleaning house with wife, shopping, gym.  There are no days to be lazy.

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Slept in after playing a charity gig last night. Coffee, lunch at the local Greek fest, bringing baklava to a beach house family get together later this afternoon. 

I'll probably get some yard work in after I finish digesting the moussaka and gyro I ate.

8/25/19 3:33 PM
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Driving an hour and a half to Santa Cruz for my son's football game.  Probably wont be home until 10pm.... oh and i am one of the mpr's for the game 

8/25/19 3:44 PM
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Woke up, had sex, got out of bed, made a BLT, cleaned house, showered, and now we are going to the lake.

8/25/19 3:44 PM
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8/25/19 3:45 PM
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Got up and made the kids breakfast while the wife went for a run


Went to the gym to lift 


took all the branches from from behind the shed and made a fantastic soon to be bonfire 


got the kids playhouse out of the shed and pressure washed it to get ready for paint. They want a haunted house ready by October


now I'm getting ready to leave to go get the grocery order.... pretty lazy Sunday. 

8/25/19 3:50 PM
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Watching judo world championships, cleaning and lifting

8/25/19 3:57 PM
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HighInsideLegKick - 

I'm having a cup of coffee at the moment. Waiting for my son to wake up. We're going fishing today. Then I gotta take him back to his mom for the school week.

Going fishing???

You are late!
8/25/19 4:09 PM
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Trying to heal, or at least not injure myself further, even just that would be an improvement.

Have a limited entry archery elk tag that I have waited well over a decade for.

Hunt started 9 days ago...have yet to leave the house :(

Fucking neck needs to finish healing, getting close, but still can't help but make an audible "ouch" when I try to shoot my bow. I can still hit where I am aiming...ONCE every few days. Can't even draw it after that without wanting to scream, fucking painful.

Getting aggravated as all hell.

My advise? Don't get old...it is fucking frustrating as hell sometimes.

Would trade the vast majority of all my money just to go back even 7-8 years. About 3 years ago is when age started finally catching me.

I am unimpressed. At least my post count here is going thru the roof, comparatively speaking.

8/25/19 4:10 PM
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Why is that tag so limited?

8/25/19 4:24 PM
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Woke up, had sex, got out of bed, made a BLT, cleaned house, showered, and now we are going to the lake.

Sounds like a good day.
8/25/19 4:28 PM
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I wanted to do yard work but It's raining. So bought a 12 pack and watching the Astros while the wife is out with her sister. I'm enjoying it.

8/25/19 4:37 PM
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invalid - Why is that tag so limited?

It is managed for a high percentage of trophy class animals.

As opposed to being managed to allow for the most hunter opportunity.

We have both types of units here. This is the Unit I have hunted the most in my life. It is where I live and I know it as well or better than anyone.

Took good bulls out of there for years before it changed to limited entry. Now for the past 20 years or so, I just watch them, year round.

Now it is filled with very large bulls, book class bulls. I will see several trophy class bulls for every any other elk I see.

With even a small bit of luck, I could very well start and finish this hunt in a day or two. I know almost to the square yard where several individual bulls will be.

Getting there takes a very large effort. It is only 30 minutes to where I park from my home. But then it is straight up, on about as steep of a slope as is hike-able, for a couple miles.
Not a trail in sight.

Steep as in you will be using your hands to make it up it.
8/25/19 5:17 PM
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went golfing with some buddies this morning, having some people over for a BBQ tonight.

8/25/19 5:55 PM
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Went to the Venetian Pool and then got some empanadas in Coral Gables with my wife and son. 

8/25/19 6:33 PM
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after the morning routine I took the bicycle out for a leisurely spin around the area, nothing too vigorous, just an easy enjoyable jaunt around the urban shire to enjoy the sights and some people watching.  


 I think the Japanese GF is making Chinese food for the evening supper.  A chili-sauce Shrimp dish and fried rice.  


maybe take a stroll around the park later, expect there will be more stretching and book reading, maybe watch a show........I lead a mostly quiet simple life :)


8/25/19 9:34 PM
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Well, good sex weekend to start, sanded the deck today while wife went out and spent money shopping, few glasses of wine together before dinner, now after dinner she's asleep, daughter took my car to go out, I'm by the fire with more wine - not a bad day - might just sex again (with or without her knowing/caring)