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10 days ago
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Wednesday night at 8:35PM in a hospital bed my mother took her last breath holding my hand. I've lost close friends and relatives, but this has completely gutted me. The sight (and sounds) of life leaving her will never be erased from my psyche. I've been at her bedside everyday (for a couple of hours per) since the middle of September, but that Wednesday morning as I drove to see her I had a feeling that would be her last day.
10 days ago
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Dang. Sorry for your loss OP, thankfully you were able to be there for her

10 days ago
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Very sorry, brother. Been there. It's hard for a time, but you'll get over it. It's hard to imagine, but you'll get over it. RIP

10 days ago
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my condolences RIP

10 days ago
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Sorry for your loss.

10 days ago
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Sorry brother.  Just spent the last one i ever will with my mom.  We are hoping she hangs on till Christmas.


The OG is here for you

10 days ago
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I'm so sorry to read this OP. I sat with my father as he passed away in June of this year. PM me if you need someone to talk to.
10 days ago
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Sorry for your loss
10 days ago
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That’s so awful. Sorry man. 

10 days ago
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Sorry for your loss. 

10 days ago
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My mother died the first week of June this year.

The wildest part is that it feels like I was asleep from about then until the first week of October. I don't have very many memories and I don't know that I did anything except go to work during that time. It's the oddest sensation and feeling I've ever dealt with.

Keep her voice in the back of your head. You'll have the urge to call and text her. It'll be hard this year at the holidays and you'll keep finding little things that hurt like Hell (I think of these as 'land mines').

There's no shame in talking to someone about things if it gets to be too much.
10 days ago
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that night was the hardest of my life, but it was a small price to make sure she was not alone and as comfortable as possible. I played her favorite old school country song (Jeanne Pruit - Satin Sheets) several times that night and thought I would play it for my wife yesterday and I could not make 1 damn minute through it......
10 days ago
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I am so very sorry to read that.

That is heartbreaking.

My sincere condolences to you, brother.

10 days ago
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I’m sorry for your loss. You may want to talk to a greif counselor. Sending positive vibes your way....take your time and heal up. You did the right thing by being there.

10 days ago
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Sorry for your loss bro.
10 days ago
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Sorry to hear mate.

10 days ago
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So sorry brother

10 days ago
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Very sorry to hear about your loss.

10 days ago
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So very sorry :(

10 days ago
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Sorry for your loss. May she rest in peace.

10 days ago
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Sorry to hear. Thoughts are with you and your family 

10 days ago
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Sorry to hear it, brother. 

10 days ago
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I really appreciate the sincere well wishes and thoughts!

I'm really fucked up right now, but I'm fortunate to have a wife that happens to be a mental health therapist. It helps, but we are both obviously broken up
10 days ago
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I cannot imagine what you’re going through. Be thankful that you were there for her and she didn’t go alone.  Be grateful that she is no longer in pain or suffering.  Rest easy knowing you were a great son to her in her last days and months. You did everything that you could, hold your head high knowing that. 

RIP to your mother. 





as you know, there is always someone here to talk to, we never close. 

10 days ago
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I totally understand and are sorry for your loss.   My dad died a few years ago also on Thanksgiving eve.   It was very hard.