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9/20/20 2:45 PM
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Gib - We used to have a pretty big Fred Flintstone


Apparently it was in a field towards Winfield for a while but I never saw it. I miss that old area...at least they named Freddy's brewpub after it


We still have this!:


9/20/20 2:45 PM
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Mothman Statue in Point Pleasant, WV
9/20/20 2:46 PM
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Gib - We used to have a pretty big Fred Flintstone

9/20/20 2:46 PM
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Rakoshi -

Mothman Statue in Point Pleasant, WV

Thats fucking bad ass!

9/20/20 2:48 PM
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Rakoshi -

Mothman Statue in Point Pleasant, WV

That is rad as fuck though.

9/20/20 2:54 PM
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Pegasus and Dragon is a 100-foot (30 m) tall statue of Pegasus defeating a dragon in Gulfstream Park, Hallandale Beach, Florida. It is the third-tallest statue in the United States after the Birth of the New World in Puerto Rico and the Statue of Liberty in New York. It is also the world's largest and tallest equine and European dragon statue. The Pegasus is poised with its front hoof on the neck of the dragon, which lies prostrate far below the level of the equine.[1] The statue complex is 200 feet in length and 115 feet in width. Pegasus is made of 330 tons of steel and 132 tons of bronze. The dragon is made of 110 tons of steel and 132 tons of bronze. Pegasus will feature a 5D dome theater in a rock formation underneath it. The dragon is surrounded by musical fountains. At night the statue will be home to a fountain show featuring 13 musical pieces, 350 fog nozzles, 116 water nozzles, special LED lighting and dragon breathing fire 20 feet during the show.[2]
9/20/20 2:57 PM
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Rex, the beach blvd dinosaur, jacksonville, fl
9/20/20 2:58 PM
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MrSmokalotapotamus -

The Uniroyal Giant Tire was created bythe United States Rubber Company for the 1964 New York World's Fair, where it functioned as a Ferris wheel. Since 1966 it has served as a static display in Allen Park, Michigan, alongside Interstate 94,between the Southfield Freeway interchange and Outer Drive overpass.

I would drive passed this every time I went to DTW Airport 

9/20/20 5:48 PM
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California state bill would allow tolls on crooked Lombard Street - Curbed SF

9/20/20 5:52 PM
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Lombard Street in SF. The crookedest street in the world....but it's the second crookedest in San Francisco, actually. It is beyond stupid that people line up to drive down it and even stupider that the people who bought homes on it complain about it.

9/20/20 5:57 PM
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It doesn't seem it would be that famous but it is such a landmark for driving in the area it's mentioned in radio commercials for other places.

9/20/20 6:15 PM
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There's a bust of Gandhi in downtown Saskatoon Saskatchewan.
9/20/20 6:15 PM
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sewich -


World's biggest ball of twine. 

Sup Darwin

9/20/20 6:18 PM
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South of the Border is about 90 mins south of me.

There's plenty of crazy shit there.

9/20/20 6:21 PM
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I used to live a block down from the house of BtKs 2nd victim.  People stopped out front every single day.

9/20/20 6:44 PM
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Ebony -

Came to post this. Stipulation being if this thread were about awesome landmarks. 

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jolly green giant statue in Blue Earth, Minnesota

9/20/20 7:26 PM
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9/20/20 7:30 PM
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Phuckles -
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Phuckles - 

I live in Lakewood Colorado,  which is a suburb of Denver. I choose Casa Bonita,  a restaurant shaped like a giant 6 story tall wedding cake that features indoor cliff divers, performances every half hour, a magic show, puppet show, arcade, and as a boy growing up in Colorado, a rite of passage, black barts cave. the place has been there for forever and everyone from Denver has been there but it was made famous in an episode of South Park. 


What oddball landmark is near you?


holy shit that place is real?

Its very real

This. People are always shocked to hear its a real place. It is very real. Nationally it's known for South Park, locally its known for its beyond shit food. 

Went there last year when i was in Denver, only because of South Park. Food was the drizzling shits but i can say i have been there now!

9/20/20 7:35 PM
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9/20/20 7:36 PM
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jesus - i didnt hear about any of those places when i lived in denver. even bought a few books, shit to do/see in denver

9/20/20 7:39 PM
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Here in NH we used to have the old man in the mountain. It was a cliff face (literally a side view of a rock ledge that looked like the face of an old man) it was on the NH quarters and then one day it fucking collapses and people freaked when Kennedy was shot haha. 

9/20/20 7:43 PM
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AVClub -
Ebony -

Came to post this. Stipulation being if this thread were about awesome landmarks. 

Yeah... I'm not close. I'm 45min south of Atlanta, but it's cool and famous. Closet I'm too is probably is Indian Springs State Park where people line up to fill jugs from a little trickle spring that smells like the devil's asshole.