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8/14/19 5:32 PM
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8/14/19 5:33 PM
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At least four Philadelphia police officers were shot in the city's Nicetown section Wednesday afternoon, officials said, prompting a massive response to the North Philadelphia neighborhood. At least one suspect is in custody.

Frantic calls from responding officers came in around 4:30 p.m., according to audio obtained via Broadcastify.

"Officer calls for everything you got. SWAT, long gun," a law enforcement officer can be heard saying on the audio. "I got an officer shot."

SkyForce10 was over the scene as an unidentified gunman fired at dozens of police officers nearly 30 minutes after officers descended on the corner of 15th and Butler streets.

The officers crouched behind cars, blocked off surrounding streets and surrounded several nearby homes as the scene, described as an active shooting, unfolded. 

Officials said at least four officers were shot and taken to the hospital. They have not yet revealed their conditions. Police also said at least one suspect is in custody though officers continue to search for a second. 

Mayor Jim Kenney is on his way to the hospital. A lockdown is also in effect at Temple University's Health Sciences Center campus. The school put out an alert for students to take a shelter in place.

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8/14/19 5:39 PM
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Live stream I've been watching.  There are at least 50 officers there. 

8/14/19 5:40 PM
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Luke Rockhard -


Reading on Twitter there are up to 5 cops shot.



8/14/19 5:40 PM
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Saying he's holed up on the 1st floor of a house and on the second floor there's 2 narcotics officers with 3 prisoners and the shooter is shooting into the ceiling....5 shot so far.

8/14/19 5:41 PM
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Article says one suspect in custody, searching for a second. Looks like they've got someplace surrounded. 

8/14/19 5:42 PM
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Drug bust gone bad.

Two narcotics officers trapped inside a 2nd story bathroom with three detained suspects in the bathroom.

Lone gunman on the first floor firing up into the bathroom.

Five officers shot so far, over 100 shots fired.

8/14/19 5:42 PM
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Nicetown? I think not.

8/14/19 5:42 PM
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hopefully the gunman gets gut shot and dies a horrible, painful death


good luck to those officers and their families

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Asking helicopters to pull back.  That doesn't  sound good!

8/14/19 5:58 PM
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LOL @ "Nicetown"

8/14/19 6:05 PM
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White347LX -

Asking helicopters to pull back.  That doesn't  sound good!

Concerns that it could compromise the position of officers outside, I'm guessing. 

8/14/19 6:07 PM
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Philadelphia cops don't play.

Remember MOVE?

I hope those cops are ok.

8/14/19 6:10 PM
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Sounds like there are still shots being fired according to reporters on the scene. 

8/14/19 6:11 PM
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That's insane.

Hope the officers have non life threatening injuries but just from reading these last few posts it sounds like chaos.

8/14/19 6:11 PM
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In Limbo -

hopefully the gunman gets gut shot and dies a horrible, painful death


good luck to those officers and their families




8/14/19 6:15 PM
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Evidently it started when cops were called due to narcotics... Sounds like a drug bust gone bad.

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Sounds like its still an active situation and he is live streaming?

8/14/19 6:21 PM
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Still shooting. Seems like it's mostly inside the house. 

That's a nightmare situation for the cops upstairs.

8/14/19 6:22 PM
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They're now reporting 6 officers shot. 

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Fucksake. Does sound like a nightmare situation for the cops inside. Good luck to them.

"All of the officers are expected to survive, officials said."

That's good, at least (quote is regarding the 6 officers already shot).

8/14/19 6:31 PM
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Hope the officers upstairs are ok, gotta be scary as shit

8/14/19 6:40 PM
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Channel 6 is saying it started with serving a warrant.