12/14/19 9:58 PM
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Boom Dustin and Fatrick?

12/18/19 3:08 PM
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Billco -
Matrix - 

Bill, did you ever try the AP3's? I was between them and the i500's.

Actually had them both, and I hated both. I hated the AP3's just a little less than the i500's. Couldn't shape anything with the Pings......

I just don't get this. I can shape a club from Walmart.

1/1/20 10:30 AM
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AC, let's get this 2020 going

1/1/20 10:48 AM
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I finally got fitted for some irons after playing the JPX900 forged with KBS120 shafts for the past year.

They put me in the 919 forged with the DG S300 shafts. Said I needed a heavier one due to my swing speed and higher than he likes launch for me.

1/2/20 3:56 PM
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I wonder how much modern technology would improve my game if at all. I'm a 2.6 and I've never taken a lesson, been fitted for clubs or used a range finder