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4 days ago
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Just got a solo 4 kill dinner on Erengal. All VSS kills for the first time ever. Usually suck with that gun but the circle really helped me out

3 days ago
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Stea1th - 
Too Rude - I went on and bought Day Z, even tho I said I wouldnt because of the cost vs all the problems still. But fuck it. PUBG just isnt much fun for me atm. Maybe its cause I almost always play solo. I did have a lot more fun when i had friends to play with, but theyve long quit playing, and random squads just fucking sucks most of the time lol. Gonna give Day Z a try this weekend. In theory, I should like it. It pairs my favorite aspects of PUBG, and takes out the worst. But well see.

I had so much fun and frustration with DayZ. Although I played it when it was an arms mod and non the new standalone. 

it was my "battle royal" type game but man it was fun as hell 

I played a bit this morning, it was cool. I could get into it. I didnt really notice any bugs or anything. The inventory system is kinda wonky at best, the way you equip and shit, but its playable.

But loot is hard to come by. Every game I died because i couldnt find any food or water. I noticed messages popping up saying "Server Resets In X Minutes" so maybe I popped in that server right before loot respawns and all the starting points were already cleaned out? Idk, but Im gonna play it more this weekend and see how it goes.

Aside from the inventory, it reminds me hard of PUBG. Even the free look buttons are the same. Its pretty much PUBG without circles and zombies roaming around.
2 days ago
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One of the most ridiculous headshots I’ve landed. 

3 hours ago
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Played with another one. This guy was mad that I and the others didnt have Radar aswell. Must have been upset that he was the only one having to call out shit.

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