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6 days ago
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Up 200. You havent lived until youve been 3 bet pre flop by an 84 yo. Who then moves directly to your left.
6 days ago
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Got blinded raised down. When middle eastern Phil Glafond and Swedish Andrew Neeme showed up and bout in for 500. I knew the game was winding down. Left up 81. No ragrets
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Crush em in Vegas DaveFu...you've only got tonight!!!

Went and updated my sessions over the past year to add to last year and found out that overall I'm still up over the past 18 months, so at least that's good news. It's only a profit of $350 over roughly 100 hours, so that means basically:


1/2: Loser
1/3: Slight winner
3/5: Slight winner
Under $100 tournaments: Winner
Over $100 tournaments: Loser

What does it mean...nothing really, but haven't checked my stats in months so I thought I'd post...and wish DaveFu good luck in his last night in Vegas.