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9/27/20 12:54 PM
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Domerchi1 - 

Who do the bulldogs roll with?

Who are the bulldogs?

9/27/20 1:10 PM
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GladiatorGannon -
Domerchi1 - 

Who do the bulldogs roll with?

Who are the bulldogs?

Fresno Bulldogs claim they’re their own thing and have beef with Nortenos but used to run with them.  They’re like the Marravilla of the north. A Green light gang.

9/27/20 1:18 PM
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Interesting thread.....worked in 8 different prisons (construction) since the beginning of 2017,currently bouncing between San Quentin,CMF,and New Folsom.

Ive worked with a ton of inmates ,most are programming,but not all.

Some will be paroleing soon,some will never see the light of day beyond the razor wire.

Ive got solid relationships with a few,good working relationships with others,and avoid others like the plague.

9/27/20 1:22 PM
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I No Kung Foo - 

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9/27/20 4:55 PM
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Whoa I forgot about this thread, good stuff in here

9/29/20 12:31 PM
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jacktripper -
DAVID H - So I was at the 24 hours fitness on Miramar Road (San Diego) this morning and saw Wes there. He had some dude filming him as he was working out.

Didn't have my paperwork, so I had to leave quick.

I used to work out there... lotta hot asian chicks 

I work right down the street. Sup homos?