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JuevosConSal -
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When I hover over  Enter World, it says approximately 66 hours? 


Landoh undead priest Whiteman 

Will make another in a high PvP server 

You have, over and over on this thread, shown yourself to be extremely dim. Seriously, go back and look. You are a dumbass. No hard feelings, I'm just pointing out the obvious lol.

Homeslice, you shouldn't be calling anyone dim


You're probably very upset over the huge loss your portfolio took from going all in a week ago LOL.


Not Homeslice, but I will guess you were talking to me, all dimwitted like.

You see, I sold into that rally, and bought into the drop today. I made probably $40 to $50k selling into that rally. What did you make? Let's be honest here. You are not smart enough to have even earned any amount in excess of your burn rate. So the answer is zero. So sorry for you man. But, again, just go back and read through this thread. Look where you have asked questions, and people have told you the answer, but you were just too fucking stupid to figure it out despite that they spoon-fed you shit. LOL, its quite funny, don't mean to laugh at your expense, but it just is lol.

Of all the things that never happened, this never happened the most. 



8/24/19 12:35 PM
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Never played druid or warlock.. gonna try those out this time around. 

8/24/19 12:40 PM
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monday on my day off i will renew my subscription and pick whatever server and side the majority of you are on

8/24/19 1:58 PM
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The thing keeping me from Horde Grobbulus is the same old shit that ruins vanilla - haven't even looked for a guild there, whereas Whitemane I've already found one and ran retro shit with them and played on ND with some.  Second, who's going to tank and heal for farming PreBIS in 5/10 mans?  Dead in the water if you can't even farm blue gear, although I guess with enough time you can form/find your own groups independenly.  

I dunno. I'm kinda ambivalent about it.  What Grobbulus has going for it is Medium population which looks good now, but who knows how it looks later. RPPvP servers generally have a good community so there's a strong argument for that.

Who would play what class Horde side Grobbulus?

If we're all a bunch of Orc hunters, fuck that shit.

8/24/19 2:14 PM
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LOL, the GMs on Northdale are turning people into weird shit and spawning devilsaurs and C'thun in IF



8/24/19 2:52 PM
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And as my last act of War on ND, RIP Thrall you silly bitch!  FOR THE ALLIANCE!



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LOL ^^

8/24/19 7:38 PM
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Those memories of playing really want me to pick it up again but that time with roi is just to much as an adult. 


So with this wow, can old school griefiing stuff still happen? I remeber getting a 40 man and kitting this monster into stormwind, that would get stronger everytime he killed someone. They had to reboot the server cause all you saw was dead bodies(skeletons) in the low level area lmao. 

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That vid makes me laugh watching the guards just run straight at him

8/24/19 9:24 PM
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Fucking KEK...that's what I'm talking about muHahahahah

8/25/19 1:18 AM
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Whitemane Alliance - Me, Danjer, and Juevos.  

Passive Jay, you heading over with us?  Looks like priest, lock, druid. I got a mage and a pocket tank I'm jammin with over there too.  More the merrier.

8/25/19 1:43 AM
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Horde Grobbulus!


Alliance is for the weak

8/25/19 2:38 AM
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I dunno Squatdog, I'm stuck between Priest and Hunter. Help me out here.

On the one hand, hutner starts out super strong, then turns into a pile of shit after MC. Can be a Tranq bitch going forward and just enjoy PvP and farming easily.  Priest is solid the whole way. Healing's very good, dispelling, MCing, mana burn with PI, and all that shit sounds fun AF, but shit on by melee when solo.  Leveling to 39 fucking blows though.  Deadzone blows too, ammo and bag space blows. Now Hunter has DR on Scattershot/Trap where it reduces the time of the trap by 1/2 which wasn't the case on private servers....that's pretty huge solo 1v1, maybe a litte less in group w/ 2 points in clever traps talent.

I don't like any other classes, they're pretty much all scuffed anyway except mage.

Huntard is absurdly easy leveling because ranged doesn't seem to be affected by glancing blows. Mediocre raid DPS but niche role as puller.

Priest sucks to level but very strong in raids and good in PVP. Dwarf is best for raiding because of Fear Ward, while NE is best for tossing people off bridges with Shadowmeld.
8/25/19 10:41 AM
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Horde Grobbulus!


Alliance is for the weak

Image result for i'm your huckleberry gif

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Say when

Image result for i'm your huckleberry

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Your screen name is what my whole family called me as I was a young man.


Seanster the Monster


There ain't room for two seansters 'round here....

8/25/19 1:00 PM
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LOL, mine too from when I played Soccer. There was a drill called Monster in the Middle that I was great at and that's where it started. High school GF called me that too, kinda funny.  

Just don't call me S-E-E-N and we're good, bro.  :)


8/25/19 1:18 PM
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Haha if I am to ever cross over to the gay side, which I may be forced to if all you fags end up playing there, then I'll have to roll on whitemen

8/25/19 1:18 PM
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Roll an ALT on whitemen*

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As a former horde player myself, I know how humiliated all of you big, bad, orcs and undead edgelords are going to feel when you get ganked and hear this



Enjoy losing every AV and your commute to Blackrock Mountain.

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Grobb is listed as high server pop now too. Server is set... now to decide between Hunter and Shaman.