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9/19/20 3:10 PM
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He looks like hes about to put a loogie right between your eyes. 

Ive only ever been spit on once and that was me getting caught in some crossfire, lol. If you get spit on you've ignored about 20 warnings.


When I first got these guys they came from a larger herd. All of a sudden it's just those four so they needed to work out the new herd dynamic. After a couple days of fighting with another one jesse came out on top and was running the pasture. He got cocky though and was being pushy with me. Real pushy.

So I took the advice of an older llama packer who said "you have to be the baddest llama there. Get a super soaker and next time he gets uppity give him a good squirt. You'll be the best spitter they've ever seen"

Sure enough, next day he was trying to crowd me for food and from about a foot away I unloaded the entire super soaker in his face. Took like 30 seconds and he just stood there and took it. Then he walked over to the other side of the pasture and pouted/thought about it for a couple hours.

After that he was the best guy ever. Gentle, loyal, super easy to work with. He would regulate the others if they acted up so I didn't have to.

This is the best post I have ever read on the OG

Thanks man. How did your show go?

9/19/20 4:15 PM
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I believe I was told it was amazing, and all my friends and their wives that know me professionally especially liked Performer “Jed” 

9/19/20 4:28 PM
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RIP Jesse.


Are llamas recreational? Do they produce anything?

9/19/20 5:05 PM
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I've been drinking for 3 days straight for Jesse.

9/19/20 6:19 PM
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RIP Jesse.


Are llamas recreational? Do they produce anything?

Wool if you want to work em that way. It's pretty good stuff when done right. I just shave em and throw it in the burn pile. You saw those pics, they get nasty over winter. Sticks, rocks, pinecones.... It gets gnarly lol.


They have been used for food. They don't taste bad.


Professional packers have been using them forever. USFS uses them alot.

Mine are packers a few weeks a year and yard art the rest of the time.

9/19/20 6:20 PM
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I've been drinking for 3 days straight for Jesse.

Impressive, he's only been dead for two.

9/19/20 6:24 PM
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RIP Jesse.

9/19/20 9:14 PM
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raise my glass to ol Jess
9/19/20 9:19 PM
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Subbed to read between fights

9/20/20 9:23 AM
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blm - black llamas matter