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9/23/20 3:39 AM
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9/23/20 3:54 AM
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I guess Comrade Sanders doesn't remember his own outrage. 

9/23/20 6:12 AM
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I wonder if Reid is regretting his nuking the judicial filibuster now. He was warned. 

9/23/20 6:16 AM
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If you are so sure Trump is going to win, why the need to rush the appointment?


because fuck the democrats thats why 

^Pure tribalism.

That’s kind of the reason why we have to say, “fuck them”. The Democrats have abandoned the country. To them it’s all about power. Republicans actually elected a major centrist. Someone that has done things that many Democrats said they cared about. But he doesn’t have a “D” by his name, so the tribalism sets in and they try to destroy him using every dirty trick they can.

It’s pretty sick.

"To them it’s all about power."


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They won’t.

Republicants will play by the rules and lose again, as usual. 


Say what you will about the Left, but they’re serious about winning. The Right is content just to not lose, sometimes. They don’t understand offense. 

Have you met Republicans? Lmfao@playing by the rules.

According to the rules, Obama should have appointed his, and Trump should appoint this one. 

According to Republican's rules, they should cheat. 


And they will. LMFAO@thinking otherwise. Hillarious. 

And I have a GIANT smile on my face that they aren't playing by whatever rules you think they should and your upset about it. You're all about letting your side cheat. You will make excuses for each and everyone of them and now republicans are fighting as dirty as the democrats are.

Had you been a more honest person and helped call out your party's lies and bullshit, we wouldnt be here right now. But no you kept making excuses for them and you continue to do so this very day.

A great example is mail in voting. Democrats not only want mail in voting but they want to remove the safety protocols like signature matching, voter ID ect. The only reason you would want to remove safety protocols is to cheat. There is no other reason you can give that would explain why you support removing the tiny little bit of integrity that mail in voting has.

I have a big bowl of popcorn next to me laughing at how the chickens have come home to roost. You leftists are getting exactly what you deserve now and I can say that honestly as I am a former lefty

Nobody is crying, but your snowflake who was afraid. 
I calmed him down. 

You Trumptards are so extremely sensitive, you overreact to literally anything. 

Didnt the repubs control senate when Obama wanted his pick? If the repubs controlled senate how did dems think they'd get the vote? Explain this to me?