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8/11/18 9:51 AM
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Pedro Navaja - Fuck Saudi Arabia.

I would love to see US support Canada by retaliatory sanctions. But we know Trump sucks that Saudi cock like no other.

I don't get the American love affair with KSA... They did 9/11!!! Jesus fkn christ ...

The Saudis have us by the balls! That’s why no matter Democrat, republican etc administration we take their shit. Obama, Hillary were same as Trump/Bush. The Saudis have been brilliant what they did with their wealth/oil reserves. We would lose out in a pissing match. This thing is 19 layers deep and very complex. I have more to say on this but too much to type, come over smoke a cigar with me and I’ll tell you all about it.

If that was the case, you would assume that the Canadian libs would know this and not try to force / enquire their leftist points of views to countries who are far from these video's in order to score some additional liberal votes for the upcoming 2019 federal elections..

I'd rather Canada have a backbone, and call out Saudi Arabia.. Than bow and kiss the ring.

How many of the 9/11 hijackers were Saudi? You cocksucking trumptards should be the most anti-Saudi-Arabia country in the world. Instead, because Trudeau represents Canada, and Trump hates Trudeau, you fools jump on the Saudi dick just like Trump.

Pathetic and spineless. That's not to say Trudeau isn't a hypocrite also, but at least they are speaking up for innocent people being jailed.

USA and Canada should be arm in arm against KSA.

So if a few Saudi people did the 9/11 we should blame the whole country for it? Even though they ran to afghanistan after they did it! And all the investigation the USA did has pointed the Saudi government had nothing to do with it!


Its like blaming the whole US for the stuff Bush did in Iraq.

Actually, the 911 commission concluded that 911 could not have happened without help from the Saudi government. The commissions conclusion was not disseminated to the American public, because Saudi Arabia requested that it not be.

So how did the Saudi government help the terrorists? Just wondering.

Also am neither American or saudi, but everywhere I read, it says that 9/11 was an inside job. 

Could the "American" commissions be in it too?


Sorry guys for being rude or insensitive, but there is a big possiblity that your own people helped them.


'just wondering' - sure.


'big possibility' - only if you are an idiot






8/11/18 11:15 AM
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I fucking hate Trudeau but I have to say that I'm perfectly happy to have nothing to do with the entire middle East, especially Saudi Arabia. Good riddance

8/11/18 5:06 PM
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They named a country after themselves lol