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4/21/19 3:09 PM
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Not sure a couple of people Tweeting constitutes having a new article. Then again it doesn't seem like the Pluralist.com is a site anyone goes to for their news

4/21/19 3:17 PM
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She is not the one Iwould pick as a rich guy,  but broke ass shansky would take a bite out of that! 

4/21/19 3:25 PM
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camicom - 

Poor girl trying to hide her elbows seeking OG approval
4/21/19 4:15 PM
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I have listened to a few I tervoews with this guy 


I don’t believe that anything that he has said in them makes him “pro Trump”; he predicted Trump would win and tells the left that what they are doing is alienating their base...


Articles like this only solidify what it is he was saying 

4/21/19 4:49 PM
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4/21/19 5:01 PM
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martialartsforlife -


What do you mean who? It tells you in the first fuckin post who Scott Adam is 

4/22/19 3:27 PM
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Nice tight little body, but those fake ass tits looks like she had kickballs from WalMart inserted. Face also looks like cheap plastic surgery - has a tranny face. 

Probably looked better when she was natural. 

We're supposed to be impressed that a famous multimillionaire got some younger tail? 

Also, Adams sounds like a smart guy, so I don't think he's a Trump fan. Think he made a case for Trump winning, which I also did during the '16 election. My reasoning was the country elected W Bush, and many Republicans are fans of that smart-as-dog-shit Sarah Palin, so Trump was the next logical step for a country that is almost fully an Idiocracy, and one which worships the cult of celebrity. Not to mention Hill being a terrible candidate, Bernie getting cheated out, and Jill Stein and her black Veep pulling some much needed votes from the Obama constituents.