OtherGround Forums Stories: Dodged Bullets

6/21/19 3:54 PM
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I thought this thread was about girls we used to like or go out with when younger that either turned into fat pigs or crazy psychopath skanks...

6/21/19 4:55 PM
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One of my biggest ones was when working out.

The gym was more of a 'day spa' than a lifting gym, but they had this leg press machine which was very dorky and not high quality. It was a platform and an incline and the platform had two pegs where you'd put weight plates. You'd lay under it and turn these two levers shaped like the number 7, and when rotated the platform would be free to push up from a lying position with your feet.

I had done a set and had about three 45lb plates on each peg, and between sets, I was lying on the incline turned around the other way, head stupidly under the plates, and was stretching. I had reached forward to pull myself into a deeper hamstring stretch and started to inadvertently turn one of these bracing levers. They were both only about 2 inches long - very sketchy and not safe to begin with.

Had I not noticed, I could have had about 270 lbs of plates come crashing down onto my neck and head.

Whoa, it makes me sweat a bit thinking about. Dumbest thing I ever did in the gym.