OtherGround Forums Suggest me a new PS4 game

10 days ago
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Just finished the witcher.fucking unreal game


spiderman for fun


rdr2 for all round entertainment 

10 days ago
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You should check out Mafia 3. GTA style sandbox set in a fictional 1960's Louisiana. You get to rob stores, go to war with the Dixie Mafia and all kinds of other fun criminal activity.

10 days ago
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If you haven’t played Dishonored, go for it.

10 days ago
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Ark: survival evolved.  AMAZING

9 days ago
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I played half of Mafia III because it was a PSN free download. Starts off good but quickly goes to shit.


I pretty much have given up on Days Gone. 


I would reccomend RDR2 and Evil Within 2.