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You’re going about this all wrong. He’s stealing drinks from you and you both know it. Spiking or shaking your drink is shortsighted. He will know who did it and then your hand is shown and your game is blown. He can go to HR and get you fired. Spiking with hot pepper juice is retarded and is assault if he wants to be a dick about it. It is assault. Whether you can lie your way out of that fact is unlikely, but that’s your hope. Just a stupid plan all around. Shaking it is amateur hour and unlikely to work. Forget this altogether. 

Find another amazing way to fuck with this guy, unrelated to your food. Continue to allow him to steal your sodas for now since that’s a small cost for your entertainment and for not blowing your fucking cover. Don’t wet his seat or any low level prank. Think of something brilliant and execute it. Something that will play out over time, driving him more and more mad and crazy all the while maintaining your cover. That’s the goal.



I support the ghost pepper on the rim thing. 

Howwver, if you do decided to go an alternate route (which is also a good idea) I would suggest putting some kind of food somewhere in his office/cubicle and allowing it to spoil. Like if you’re able to find a place underneath a file cabinet or somewhere not obvious and putting a bunch of milk/eggs/etc. 

Like hot tuna ? Lol, even the thought of fresh tuna makes me wanna wretch.