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6/12/19 5:37 AM
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Somebody bought me a blue name. I don't know when, I don't know why (thank you!). Lets keep doing something with it. 

I regularly post things that have existed forever, but I somehow totally have missed. Which means that some of you have too. So, Things I totally missed: Joseph Vincent Sports Highlight Videos


I KNOW 70% of you will have known this for years - but somehow it slipped past me. This guy builds insane sports highlights on his channel. Go to his channel and pick some highlights of people you like. 

So here's for the few other OGers who missed it as well: some samples.

PS: This thread is not about "who really is the best at throwing some kind of ball very far". It's about the cool video composition. 









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I rewatched the Tyson one. 

I cannot understand, how he didn't kill multiple opponents in the ring. Some of these shots were basically canonballs being shot at people's heads. 

This here..  that's attempted murder lol. Check his feet during all this. They float and he positions them for maximum thrust, all in less than an instant. 


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What’s titm mean? 

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Things I totally missed.