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9/21/20 8:22 AM
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I'm gonna need the 8 pillards posted. 

9/21/20 8:23 AM
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be steve. make up lots of alts. fill list with you and your alts. have a big circle jerk between you and your other accounts. its not complicated. 

Steve is SteveTheWeasel. Posting from multiple accounts is against TOS and punishable by IP banishment and dismemberment. 

Don't listen to this hater OP. Being a top poster is about making good posts, having so much of a good thing so much lately, praising good posts and posters with chants of affection, and studying/practicing the 8 pillards of God posting. 

dh is a God who knows things. 

Franko! Franko! Franko!

9/21/20 8:27 AM
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You need a hype man

9/21/20 8:34 AM
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9/21/20 8:49 AM
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