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9/13/18 1:50 AM
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Wow. I was a big wrestling fan for a few years as a kid when I thought it was real.

I think the first match I ever watched on TV was King Kong Bundy (when he had hair) vs Fritz Von Erich. I didn't like the WWF or any of the other promotions. I thought they were lame compared to the WCCW of the early 80s.

When I found out wrestling is all fake I lost interest. I knew of the deaths but never watched any of the documentaries til now.

And lol @ "Brain Claw"
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I remember hearing Ric Flair say that Kerry and Ron Simmons were the only guys he'd ever seen that could bench press 500 lbs. and make it look easy, or something along those lines. He was definitely a physical freak of nature. 

9/13/18 6:07 AM
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We are coming to you tonight from the world famous Sportatorium!

9/13/18 9:14 AM
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RKing85 - The Heroes of World Class documentary is an incredible watch.

Yes it is. Those crowds were lit huh?
9/13/18 9:25 AM
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Graduate1 -

Not to take anything away from the legendary Von Erich family - Canadian equivalent was the Hart family (with the Owen tragedy and the Montreal fuck job)..


While not all family they and their wretsling tree has some serious dark spots.

Davey Boy



Dynamite Kid


Brett's stroke and health scares


9/13/18 9:26 AM
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The Brain Claw, a combination of the Iron Claw and Hayabusa's Back Brain Kick from Pro Wrestling
9/13/18 9:26 AM
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Thanks for a good thread CRE