OtherGround Forums The mountain who... beats women

8/14/19 7:35 PM
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Mustard Bottle, lol. Coal Mountain, bawahaha. Thoroughly enjoyed the video. Going to grab a 40 of OE now. Peace!

8/15/19 12:42 AM
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oh muh gawd
8/15/19 1:43 AM
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Cant tell but I'm really assuming he either slapped or pulled those strikes. 


Does matter who it is though, should always protect yourself. She could have had a knife or anything. 

8/15/19 1:10 PM
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2nd shot was too much and uncalled for... but she came back for a 3rd? Damn LOL Not very bright is she?

8/15/19 1:16 PM
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Sale on spandex or what???