OtherGround Forums Thoughts on Gilbert Gottfried??

9/24/20 7:14 AM
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Bill Mahoney - 

He's way too funny to be allowed to make jokes in 2020

Are you kidding? This is the year of all things suck-he should be headlining along with every female comedian ever

9/24/20 10:27 AM
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He is very good, but can get annoying after a while. He is smart and quick-witted much like Seinfeld.

Now, the one old 80s comedian I absolutely cannot stand is Bobcat Golthwaite.
9/24/20 10:39 AM
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sewich -

That was awesome

The joke at the end has me crying

9/24/20 10:48 AM
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I think he’s actually wittier and smarter than a lot of his material and schtick would indicate.  For some reason, he’s locked himself firmly in a narrowly defined role.

Top level comedians are able to observe and interpret, and can tell stories. Certainly Seinfeld, Norm McDonald and George Carlin did that in spades.  Noah Trevor does that too, and isn’t afraid of self deprecation.  The wit is in the interpretation.

If the comedy gets reduced to personal or cultural insults delivered with an affected ‘act’ of a presentation - like Andrew “Dice” Clay or Gilbert Gottfried - it gets old pretty fast.  

9/24/20 10:51 AM
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Loved him.  He was always great on stern!  

9/24/20 10:55 AM
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was he the one that got caught jerking off in a theater?
9/24/20 10:55 AM
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in today's social climate, he is literally the devil

but if you are not a walking vag, he's funny as shit
9/24/20 11:12 AM
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Never actually watched any of his standup but the first thing I think of his episode with Dave Attell on Burts cooking show. He has an exchange with Burt that kills me because I wasn’t expecting it at all.


Burt goes “...and Dave is actually my wife’s favorite comedian.”

”Dave is your wife’s favorite comedian? Tell your wife to go fuck herself”

9/24/20 12:35 PM
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Gilbert doing the beatles

9/24/20 12:41 PM
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As a muslim Michael Jackson

9/24/20 12:49 PM
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As an antisemite/racist televangelist/ministerJerry Falwell

9/24/20 12:53 PM
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Says something about Obama in the white house

9/24/20 12:55 PM
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9/24/20 12:55 PM
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9/24/20 1:00 PM
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As Tracy Morgan

9/24/20 1:12 PM
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Does a trailer for a Snakes on a Plane alternate version

9/24/20 1:20 PM
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Pisses off Howard and Robin ,does Ted Kennedy impression

9/24/20 1:23 PM
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I like Gilbert but the second he says something out of satire, I stop listening

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9/24/20 1:53 PM
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NHBDaddy - was he the one that got caught jerking off in a theater?

I thought that was Pee Wee Herman

9/24/20 2:05 PM
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Graduate1 -

Awesome video but you posted this on page 1 about 15 hours ago

9/24/20 2:08 PM
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Graduate1 -

Awesome video but you posted this on page 1 about 15 hours ago

Sorry, posted the wrong video. Edited

9/24/20 2:59 PM
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funny as fuck
9/24/20 4:06 PM
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He murders Seth McFarland 

9/24/20 4:14 PM
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And another thing......He told the greatest dirty joke ever told.

They even made a movie about it.

"The Aristocrats"

Watch it online.