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9/19/20 8:48 PM
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I love my job ?????? #worldstarhiphop #saycheese #fighter #viral Worldstar Hip Hop

Posted by Andrew Blackstone on Friday, September 18, 2020

9/19/20 8:58 PM
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I think the light skinned brother won that round...

9/19/20 8:59 PM
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Well, at least there was no stomping of a KO'd opponent...
9/19/20 9:26 PM
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MattBFD - 

The way that people fight in their dreams, like their arms are noodles? That’s how that guy actually fights when he’s awake.

lol even his knees to the head were noodles

what in the faack?

9/19/20 9:44 PM
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spilin purple drink on someones shirt is beggin for a ufc beating

9/19/20 9:56 PM
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Worldstar comments are like listening in on a prison conversation.

9/19/20 10:16 PM
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GladiatorGannon -

Can anyone explain exactly what was going on and why the black dude was doing what he was doing?

He obviously got dissed.

9/19/20 11:12 PM
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White kid was about to have a fucking heart attack though.
9/19/20 11:28 PM
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That’s two minutes of my life I want back. 

9/20/20 12:41 AM
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What was he hitting him with?  Harsh language?

I think his words hurt his feelings more than those fists and knees hurt his body.