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4 days ago
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Curtis_E_Bare - 
Le Shat V2 - LOL, the pouty princess is still arguing.

Let me take it down to your remedial level.

The OG never said what you claim, so you start out with a false assumption.

The majority of conservatives say I have no problem with people who come here legally AND want to work to build a better life. Kind of makes sense, considering we don't support the welfare system for our own citizens doesn't it?

I know that's not as simple as liberals like things and it brings in that nasty personal responsibility you people detest, but I think even you can eventually understand the subtle nuance. (Just pretend to be a man instead of an emotionally driven liberal woman)

Now back to those colors and shapes, princess.

Le Shat

If you think you have a valid point, why do you feel the need to lie?

...and just like a woman, she goes full retard.


Le Shat

4 days ago
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DACA kids should have a simple path to citizenship. But I don't hate this. 

4 days ago
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Shugum -

OP is a fucking faggot.  Do you even watch MMA?

LOL. Used to watch every UFC. Haven't actively watch UFC in about 2 years. 

BTW fuckface, this is the OG, not the UG...SMARTEN UP!

3 days ago
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Just found out Camicom is an illegal alien posing as an American, fucking wet back get out of the Country.