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9/13/19 12:08 AM
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This will not get rid of that pack of hot dogs on the back of your neck. :)
9/13/19 12:38 AM
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Ruprecht - This will not get rid of that pack of hot dogs on the back of your neck. :)

lol. Hey man, the journey of 8 hotdogs starts with a single, zero-resistance turn of the pedals.
9/16/19 8:56 PM
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Picked up a used Desk-Cycle. I think it's the top dog for under desk exercise bikes. Man, this thing is nice. They retail for like 150 and it really feels like a high quality product. Pedaling is buttery smooth and silent with 8 resistance levels. Resistance increases in a strong smooth manner, not jerky-jerky. Weighs about 25 pounds so not gonna be slipping around as much. Also has a cool digital monitor that reads miles/speed/calories.

If you're using one of these, isn't it basically the same as a recumbent bike? Those things always seemed pretty gay to me and not worthy of the space they take up. Sitting on your ass leaned back and pedaling seems too easy. Gotta have your core involved at least a little. The desk cycle seems like it's more respectable as a supplemental lightweight exercise option. Yeah, you're still doing a little bitch exercise but it's while you're multi-tasking at least.