OtherGround Forums What Bourbon are you drinking?

1/11/18 9:59 PM
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Basil Hayden and Tin Cup
1/11/18 11:19 PM
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Woodford Reserve or Buffalo Trace.

1/11/18 11:33 PM
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Bullit rye with a bit of apple bourbon in it. It's quite good actually
1/12/18 12:15 AM
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LOTS OF GREAT RECOMMENDATIONS.....Ilike a lot of bourbons, but one that we always have on hunts and i always stock is Elijah Craig! Inalso.give it as gifts.

If you like 80proofers.....Basil Hayden is excellent.

1/12/18 12:31 AM
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Been trying to buy a different bottle and taste them all. Last five have been


Angels envy - great

Woodford - ok

Eagle rare - good

Makers 46 - ok

Basil Hayden - good 


1/12/18 2:35 AM
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Off the top of my head.....in my cabinet I have 2-Old Grandad 114prf, 2-older Elijah Craig 12y.o., 1Newer Elijah Craig (stillna very good bourbon they say is 8-12y.o. mix), 1Elijah Craig barrel proof, 2-Old Weller Antique 107prf, half a bottle of Col.E.H. Taylor Small batch, 1- Knob Creek, half bottle Basil Hayden, half a bottle of Old Forrester 1920 Probibition style, 1-Buffalo Trace....I know Im missing at least one other and too lazy to look. Ive had lots of others.

Only things I wish I had would be Blantons, Elmer T Lee and W.L. Weller 12y.o. Havent seen blantons or elmer around here in a couple years....never saw weller 12y.o. here.

1/12/18 3:08 AM
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Ramon Maroni - Blantons is my special treat, Woodford Reserve as my #2, and I even like Jim Beam

I love Bourbon
Woodford was recommended to be in the liquor by another bourbon lover...my new fav I'll have to try the first one you mentioned
Woodford is great stuff. Old Forester is the same mash build with different aging (Woodford does heat cycling of their rickhouses during winter to simulate additional seasonal fluxes whereas OF does not). OF 100 proof is some good juice and better than their 86 proof make.
1/12/18 11:20 AM
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One that I would like to get my hands on is Heaven Hill Bottled In Bond.  I've heard it is very good and reasonably priced.  However, it is only sold in Kentucky and parts of Indiana.

1/12/18 10:04 PM
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Gentleman Jack
Edited: 1/12/18 10:18 PM
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QueenCityLurker -


But the people at Blanton's also make a cheaper bourbon that is also amazing. Its called Eagle Rare and IF you can find it, buy it. Its amazing. Goes for about $34 a bottle. Next to Blanton's, its probably the second smoothest bourbon I've had.

Eagle Rare is my go to. I try to keep a good running stock of it to stay ahead because the shelves can run dry for long stretches at a time. 

1/12/18 10:51 PM
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I actually prefer Eagle Rare over Blantons. 

1/12/18 11:10 PM
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Pappy 10 year


Jeffersons Grand Selection

1/12/18 11:16 PM
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Stronghold - Gentleman Jack

Jack Daniels is not bourbon.

1/12/18 11:18 PM
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your mums. 

1/12/18 11:20 PM
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Jack Fire is delicious.
1/12/18 11:23 PM
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phatcat -

Pappy 10 year


Jeffersons Grand Selection

Name checks out. 



Gonna try that Jefferson's though

1/13/18 12:10 AM
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been on a weller kick this past year.   Also love eagle rare, Blantons, and Elmer T Lee


cant find any Pappy for the life of me but would love a bottle. 


For mixing old fashioneds or something that doesn’t require as high of wuality, I drink a ton of Bulleit, Makers, and Buffalo Trace.  

1/13/18 1:14 AM
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cfochs -
Stronghold - Gentleman Jack

Jack Daniels is not bourbon.

What it be den?
1/13/18 1:24 AM
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Stronghold - 
cfochs -
Stronghold - Gentleman Jack

Jack Daniels is not bourbon.

What it be den?

Sour mash Tennessee Whiskey.. Bourbon is very different
1/13/18 2:41 AM
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pretty much all use sour mash.

Jack and othe Tenn. makers prefer to market as "Tenn whiskey" tondefine their use of charcoal filtering.....otherwise same as bourbons

Only stuff made in Kenticky, at least 2y.o., aged in new barrels and at least 51% corn with nothing elseadded (unlike scotch or finished whiskeys) can use "Kentucky straight bourbon" straigh bourbon cannbe made anywhere, but rest of the legal requirements remain.
1/13/18 3:20 AM
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Sipping on some Old Forrester 1897....another one of my half bottles. Gonna take.it up to the ranch this weekend and finish with my partner over a campfire
1/13/18 3:39 AM
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Been drinking Angel's Envy lately. Really enjoy it.

1/13/18 4:22 AM
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My personal favorites:

  • A.H. Hirsch 16 y/o
  • George T. Stagg (15 y/o)
  • Pappy 15 y/o
  • Elmer T. Lee (NAS, but between 8-14 y/o)
  • Elijah Craig Barrel Proof (12 y/o) Batch B517 and their 140.2 proof release
  • Knob Creek 120 proof (9 y/o)
  • Widow Jane 12 y/o
  • Russel's 10 y/o
  • Willet Family Estate Single Barrel (14 y/o)
  • Old Scout Single Barrel (11 y/o)


1/13/18 5:32 AM
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I bounce back and forth between eagle rare and angels envy. Four roses is a go to as well.

1/13/18 9:17 AM
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Powdered Toast Man -

Blanton's is the best bourbon I've ever had.