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6 days ago
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Just hiking.  Im lucky enough to live on acreage that backs on to thousands of acres of protected forested area.  Only the handful of houses on my street have access to this one hiking path so its essentially mine lol.  

Decades of BJJ has brought a hurting on my hands and wrists lately so Im using this time to heal as best I can before I can get back at it. 

6 days ago
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I have a crack and some other stuff. Basically everything I need. Also a heavy bag and a BOB.


Working out now more than ever.


Even cleaned out the gutters yesterday after a chest and shoulder workout.  Life is good until I'm broke 

6 days ago
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I've always disliked going to a gym, so I have a pretty good home gym. Everything I need.... Full rack, all the weights I'll ever lift, dumbells, powerblocks, Bars, treadmill, mats etc.

I think I'm one of the few who won't miss going o a gym!

I now have a bit more time, so I actually will work out more.

6 days ago
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I bought a squat rack with pullup bar, bench, and 300 lbs of weights and an Olympic bar on day 1 of quarantine last Monday.

My wife wants us to make our huge-ass media room upstairs the home gym, which cleared the way to her giving the thumbs up on matting half the garage, where I already have a high end speed bag, double-end bag, and heavy bag.

...so, assuming I survive, this pandemic was the best thing ever.

Gym upstairs, and MMA in the garage.

Fuck yeah.
6 days ago
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I'm playing Fortnite.  Whatever place I get in a match, that's how many pushups I do.

6 days ago
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Push-ups , pull ups and heavy bag work 5 days a week. Probably gonna start leg pressing my couch for a leg workout 

6 days ago
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I pretty much just ride bikes at this point anyway. Just gonna keep doing that until I can’t. 

6 days ago
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Just got my Concept 2 rower in this morning. Got some kettle bells. Hopefully going to get some bumper plates and a barbell so I will just have a gym in my garage. 

6 days ago
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Calisthenics and I have dumbbells.



6 days ago
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Was planning on dropping about 2k on a rack and weights/barbell from rouge but they’ve been out of stock of everything I want/need since this began...

6 days ago
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Body weight shit and I have some bands to add resistance, can’t find any weights anywhere they are harder to find than TP and hand sanitizer 

6 days ago
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Was successfully running again until yesterday when - I believe - my damn meniscus tore again.  Fourth fucking time...can’t catch a break with this thing.  About ready to just ask doc to take the leg above the knee.  At a good 6-7 on the pain scale today, and of course, no good pain killers for me at this time. 


6 days ago
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6 days ago
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clattymine -

I pretty much just ride bikes at this point anyway. Just gonna keep doing that until I can’t. 

You ride out on the road or on a trainer? I pulled my trainer out and actually fixed my bike up about 2 months ago in preparation for summer so I've been riding in the garage pretty frequently doing HIIT spin shit from YouTube

6 days ago
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6 days ago
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For those of you with stationary bikes this has been a great workout for the time being




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6 days ago
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Handstand pushups, diamond pushups, chinups, bodyweight squats, calf raises, and I’ve been playing around with isometrics.  I have been getting surprisingly sore from isometrics; it will be interesting to see if I get any positive results from them over a few weeks.

6 days ago
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carrying a 50 pound sandbag up and down 6 story building fire stairs

bodyweight shit on tower of power, and bird bell swings

these funky duck walk looking lunges i saw on t nation. i am not using any weight yet


masterbaiting to skype pron at least once a day, sometimes two if my mom is asleep

(have to keep conditioning up)

am trying to figure out how to do farmer carries on sidewalks, probably going to use 5? gallon water bottles from fountain thingee i found.

goblet squats with bird ball

not all of this at the same time.

also keep sitting zazen, for my mental training



6 days ago
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Straydog24 -

I hate to even type this but I may buy a bow flex until this virus is behind us. 

What about power blocks?  If I get the urge to lift again that’s probably what I’d get.  They don’t take up a ton of space and can give you a pretty solid DB workout

6 days ago
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I’ve just been walking around my neighborhood mean mugging anyone I come across, if they want some I just let them know I’m going to hard spar them for a workout.  I haven’t even been hit yet in 17 sessions.  These fuckers don’t know who they dealing with, I got wrecking balls for fists and Pat Barry once told me he was jealous of my power with my low kicks. 

I absolutely love living in a 55+ community with my parents.  

6 days ago
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rudiger -

Laughed my ass off at this. Thanks

6 days ago
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Concept2 rower. Power rack.

Started working out about 6 months ago and I’ve never had a gym membership so I don’t know what I’m missing.

Figured I’d start hitting the gym after 12-18 months when I know fully what I’m doing.

Learning at home is easier.


6 days ago
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I’ve got a set of dumbells up to 40 lbs. Also have a chin-up bar, a few kettlebells, and resistance bands. I live at 8,850 ft elevation so been doing some high elevation cardio as well. I’ve just been trying to get a good sweat in everyday to keep my gut from getting any bigger. 

6 days ago
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Test,deca and growth hormone. Have some free weights and a bicycle