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9/25/20 12:39 AM
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disputing the lofty claims of Ultra-Nerds and WeightLifting HuskyFats :)



9/25/20 2:05 AM
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wearing socks. i hate being barefoot. i have no hair on my leg up to about an inch from my calves from wearing socks since i was a kid. i guess wearing socks all the time killed those hair follicles. only time im not wearing socks if im taking a shower or swimming.
9/25/20 2:09 AM
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theraskal -
MojoSoDope - 

Driving. I drive perfectly and never make a mistake while doing it. I pay attention and make driving my first priority. I am always in the exact spot I am supposed to be on the road, when I'm supposed to be there and see everything before happens. It's not a hard thing to figure out. You've been doing your whole life, you should know exactly what to expect in almost every situation and be prepared for it. If I am riding with you and you look at your phone while you are driving I will slap it out of your hand. My sister died from some cunt looking at her phone while driving. I don't play that shit. You are driving a giant metal box at speeds that we were never supposed to reach as human beings, it should be your first priority. 

I have made posts about driving and phone usage in the past.  I always avoid using the phone when driving, don't use it to talk or text.  If I need to  use it I find a place to pull over, park, and then use it.  


thanks for sharing your story and sorry for your family's great loss, my condolences.  

I appreciate it man. It just bothers me that so many people don't take it seriously. They think their phone is more important. Someone ran into the back of my sister doing 65mph on the interstate while she was at a dead stop in traffic. That's how much they weren't paying attention. 

9/25/20 9:06 AM
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Watching Justified.

9/25/20 11:20 AM
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shen - Tomatoes.

If it is not absolutely PERFECT I cannot eat it.

Unless it's a really fancy/good place, I order almost everything without tomatoes because I know I will be disappointed.

Tomatoes have to be almost as hard as an apple. All my fruit actually. Peaches, plums, nectarines. Nothing can be soft. I love fruit but will never eat fruit salad. 1 fruit at a time only. Lol. 

9/25/20 11:27 AM
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Any unnecessary mouth noise. There’s no reason to be teeth whistling in public. Chew with your fucking mouth closed. 

9/25/20 11:36 AM
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If I'm drinking from a paper cup I have to be able to feel the seam with my fingertips.