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2/11/19 11:47 PM
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DeathTrooper -

Ok, I feel like I should add some context to the situation.

I've been out with this girl 3 times. Every date went really well, in my opinion.

The fact is, she's WAY out of my league. I don't know how I've been out on even one date with her. On one hand, I'm kind of expecting her to say, "Thanks, but no thanks." On the other, I feel like this is a great opprotunity to be with a girl I would normally never have a chance with. I figure I've been doing something right and I don't want to screw it up by being my normal, insecure self. 

You can’t have that mindset ... you’re putting the pussy on the pedestal...and you have that mindset because you’re insecure ...I know how this is going to end...she’s going to crush you , she’s gona break your heart , you’re going to be jealous , texting her all the time , you’re going to suffocate her with your insecurities , then she will cheat on you and dump you ...and it’s too late now , that’s the way you’re wired , so keep playing along with her but don’t get emotionally attached , use her as experience for the next girl you truly fall in love with 

2/12/19 12:02 AM
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DeathTrooper -
darkness66 -

So you've never fucked her?


How old are you two? 

2/12/19 12:16 AM
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ShanTheMan -

Sup bitch,  how the vacay be? 

I second this. 

2/12/19 12:17 AM
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He texted her, sent flowers to her hotel and is making a poster to greet her at the airport.  

2/12/19 12:30 AM
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DaveFu -

Send her this:

On Valentines day.


I always liked:

Roses are red

Violets are blue

I got a knife

Get in the van


2/12/19 12:36 AM
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DaveFu -

How art thou m'lady? 

30 seconds later....


"please respond"

Bruh I fuckin love you. 


Idk what your fucking deal is; but I love you

2/12/19 12:37 AM
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I'm 31 and she's 28.

I know, I know. I'm a fag, etc. I don't have a lot of experience with woman and I've always been insecure. I won't go into my whole history, but it's certainly not as storied as some of the other OGer's. I want to break my habit of coming off as insecure or needy. 

This girl seems great and she's gorgeous! I don't think I'm bad looking, but I'm nothing to write home about either. I guess I'm scared of being stuck in this loop of getting my hopes up only to be crushed. 

2/12/19 12:38 AM
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And I've decided I'm not going to text her, as that seems to be the general consensus. 

2/12/19 12:40 AM
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A few days?  What's taken you so long to text her?   Shit, she already thinks you dont care and is swallowing loads in mourning.  You should've been texting on the hour, every hour.  Hearts, XOXO, cupids, roses, puppies, all that shit.  You blew it buddy.  She gone.





2/12/19 12:41 AM
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Good move, but if you do: "Aye girl, when you gonna let me tap dat azz?"
2/12/19 12:45 AM
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If you haven't heard from her by now, then I suspect she is being taken deep, I would get back on a dating site and start over again. 

You're Welcome.

2/12/19 12:51 AM
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DeathTrooper -

And I've decided I'm not going to text her, as that seems to be the general consensus. 

Dude, this thread is kind of funny, kind of sad. My concern is that you've admitted being quite insecure and feeling that she is way out of your league. You can't hide that shit forever, and every good looking girl is attracted to confidence, not insecurity. Go ahead and send her a fucking text. Keep it simple. Tell her you hope her and her family are having a good time, and you'll look forward to hearing about it when she gets home. Ask her to bring you a shark's tooth the size of a lunch plate, then leave her alone for the rest of the vacation. At worst, she doesn't respond while on holidays, and at best you get a big as shark's tooth and a blowjob when she returns. 

2/12/19 1:03 AM
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darkness66 -
DeathTrooper -
darkness66 -

So you've never fucked her?


How old are you two? 

gotta be 22 or under 

2/12/19 1:04 AM
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DeathTrooper - 

This girl I've been seeing is on vacation and I haven't talked to her in a few days. I want to text her without coming across as needy. 

The fact you are texting her automatically makes you needy.

Once you get over that, then just text her whatever you want to text her.
2/12/19 1:06 AM
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DeathTrooper -

And I've decided I'm not going to text her, as that seems to be the general consensus. 

Good for you.

Now go out and talk to other women while she is gone to get used to it, and so that she's not your only option.  Boom, neediness gone.

2/12/19 1:10 AM
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“You’ll never believe this but a cop tricked me into meeting him at the park and then a whole bunch of them arrested me”

2/12/19 1:12 AM
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Nobody likes being texted on vacation, by anyone. I don't like being texted by my best friends while I'm on vacation. 

Here's your real problem: you're not interested enough in your own life. Why should she be? You should be so engrossed in your own shit that you barely think about her while she's away.  When she gets back and talks to you, she should feel like she missed out on so much. 

One time I was dating a girl who was way out of my league, and she went out of town for a few weeks. When she came back she found me running for elected office. Hey welcome back, oh yeah I heard about a competitive seat on the radio and thought it would be fun, want to take some pictures for my website? We're married now (and I won). 

You don't have to go that far, but if you want this girl to come to you, build a world that she wants to be a part of. 

So anyway don't text her. But if you must text her, text her about something hilarious that just happened with some mutual friends that she's missing out on.  But don't text her. 

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I’ve never got in to this do that don’t do that do this not that stuff with women


If I’m dating a girl and she texts me and I have my phone in my hand I text em straight back, if I want to text or ring a girl I do, I don’t worry about how it comes across, equally if I don’t think to or feel like contacting them I don’t etc etc


I just be myself because that’s basically what she’s gonna be stuck with eventually if it all works out so she better like it regardless


Dont be a phaggot and over think things, just go with what feels right. It’s always worked for me


But saying that I don’t think I’m a weird creepy cunt and never been told I act like one, so I’ve got that going for me 

2/12/19 1:54 AM
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Is this how you treat all your boyfriends?

2/12/19 1:59 AM
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2/12/19 3:14 AM
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Just text her something like “hey, was just thinking about you. Hope you are having a great time, enjoy the rest of your vacation. Smooches”

and a dick pic ofc.

2/12/19 3:47 AM
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Send a meme depending on how well you know her humour. It probably won’t be a dirty one since you haven’t fucked, but send something funny/cute that isn’t too cheesy

2/12/19 7:23 AM
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2/12/19 7:56 AM
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Hey hope you're having a good time sucking all that dick on holiday, which youre inevitably doing. See you when you get back so I can lick all that cum out your pus. 

Something like that??