OtherGround Forums What do I text this girl?

2/26/19 9:51 AM
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How long is this vacation?

From him? The rest of her life.


2/26/19 9:52 AM
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DeathTrooper, any update?

She's still on vacation.

Jesus man, she’s didn’t go on vacation, she moved!

3/1/19 9:20 PM
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What is her address?  I will send a pizza to you while you wait on her porch.  Don't want you to die because you did dare leave for food.  


3/3/19 5:10 PM
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:’( lol

3/3/19 8:49 PM
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Day 9...Haven't heard anything from her and I haven't texted her.

Not going to lie, it sucks. 

Is she back ? If she is and she hasn’t text you back , then there’s your answer , she wasn’t interested ...ignore and move on ...there’s thousands of other girls in your town you can go after ...remember , she’s not that great , she’s a female , she’s inferior to you, she’s just a human like any other girl , don’t look at her as a god , don’t put her on the pedestal, she farts, she shits , her feet stink , her ass stinks just like any other female....move on 

No, she's still on vacation. 

I just feel like if she was interested, she would have reached out by now. Just a simple, "Hey, what's up?" would suffice. 

Doesnt that go both ways?/she's on vacation with family doing new and exciting things, probably thinking you're sitting at home not doing a damn thing and you can't send her a simple text saying hi and seeing what fun things she's been doing.

If you read OPs earlier posts, when she left on vacation, she specifically said, "I'll get in touch with you when I get back from vacation."

Him jumping the gun on that will look a little desperate imo. 

What happened was I asked her out (Feb. 7) over the weekend and she informed me that she couldn't since she was going on vacation starting on that Saturday (Feb. 9)

I felt like she might be using this as an excuse to not go out with me. So, I simply told her that I really liked going out with her, and if she still wanted to go out when she got back, she should let me know because I'd love too. 

She responded, "Of course!" and "I'll see you when I get back!" 

Since then, I haven't heard anything from her and I haven't texted her so I don't come off as needy or desperate. 

It's officially DAY 10 with no contact. 

These thread never fail. It's crazy how emo a small subset of the OG is. I sincerely hope there are no women on the OG to read these threads.