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and here's another pic of the hottie from the gif

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She evolved into Trigglytuf Phone Post 3.0
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I see a typical leftist. Phone Post 3.0
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The Eatles
Scale distortion Phone Post 3.0
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warfrog - I see a typical leftist. Phone Post 3.0

lol, no.

She's definitely not a typical leftist. She's way beyond that.

She is what would happen if you had an extreme right winger create their version of a leftist as a joke, and it came to life.
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BasedMary wood get it

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Phone Post 3.0
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BasedMary is not only cute she's pretty damn smart. There is a Google blog she posted talking about all this. And it is pretty insightful. Phone Post 3.0
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Her Twitter handle is @trigglycuck lmao. This girl is awesome. Phone Post 3.0
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The internet is clearly the greatest invention in human history. Phone Post 3.0
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https://plus.google.com/113592440371405003605/posts/54Q5hUwZ9yJ Phone Post 3.0
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Lol, look at this site.

It's a SJW rant/blog generator. Need a good SJW rant? Look no more!


Here's a couple:

KILL YOURSELF!!! accept that men's rights keeps me from having any damn rights!!!! YOU'LL LITERALLY NEVER UNDERSTAND MY DAMN AETHNIC CROSS-DRESSER ISSUES!!!! I LITERALLY HOPE YOUR FUCKING ASSHOLE PROLAPSES, YOU MIDDLE CLASS-PRIVILEGED CREEP!!!!!! YOUR DESEXUALIZATION OF INTERGENDER & BLACK-ASSOCIATING DOGKINS IS REALLY PROBLEMATIC!!! YOU CAN BE A MULTIGENDER POLYKIN & STILL HAVE SOME NON-ETHNIC FUCKING PRIVILEGE!!!!!!!! i literally hope you fucking bleed to death, you male-normative truscum!!!!!!! you should be fucking ashamed of yourself, you thin-elitist nazi!!!!!! YOU'RE LITERALLY THE WORST PERSON ALIVE, YOU CIS-NORMATIVE SINGLETIST!!!!! feel free to unfollow &/or block/ignore me.





get bent!!!!!! YOU SHOULD ACKNOWLEDGE THAT I'M INTERRACIAL THIS WEEK!!!!!!!! I'VE ALREADY TOLD YOU TO ACCEPT THAT NON-SEXUALITY LABELS IS TRIGGERING ME!!!!! HOW DIFFICULT IS IT TO JUST ACKNOWLEDGE THAT UTERUS-BEARER RIGHTS KEEPS ME FROM HAVING ANY DAMN RIGHTS!!!!!!! you're literally perpetuating hetero entitlement!!!!!! why can't you just fucking address me as "hu/hum/hus", you hetero-overprivileged pedophile!!!!! you're literally worse than hitler!!!!!!! shut up & never reblog my posts ever again


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Drugs_Delaney -

She could go as Al Franken in drag for Halloween and spend $0

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1500 subscribers.
393,000 views and counting.... Over a 5 second video?!
One conclusion.
The internet f u c k i n g r o c k s .

If someone had told me this was going to happen only a week and a half ago, I would have laughed them out of the building and then returned to watching Blackfish alone and hating my life. You guys are amazing, all of you, and I can't even begin to thank everyone who has participated in liking, sharing, and subscribing to my channel or making your opinions known in discussion about this event, because it means more to me than I could ever express.

My capturing of the Trigglypuff scene could be best explained by a quote from Frank Underwood of House of Cards:
"Success is a mixture of preparation and luck." I was really nothing more than someone in the right place at the right time who had just enough of an idea of what was about to go down to know to keep a camera on her lap. What's great about this is it should point out something obvious but important to all of you:
Anyone could have done this.

The internet is a beautiful, beautiful place for supporters of unabridged, uncensored free speech. Milo Yiannopoulos has been quoted expressing his belief that 2016 will be the year of these videos and truths about the extreme left surfacing and making headway on the internet, and after this experience I can see he is right. The lack of respect for other backgrounds and opinions shown by these protesters (which speaks so poorly for the movements they claim to be part of) was astonishing to witness in person. These are the people I myself didn't even want to believe existed until I came face to face with their lack of fact-checking and Hollister tank tops.

The problem, to anyone on the disagreeing side viewing this, has N O T H I N G T O D O W I T H Y O U R P O L I T I C A L V I E W S and understanding that is crucial to getting my point.
The panel featured a lengthy q&a session that allowed anyone from the audience with a question to form a line and speak their minds. The speakers and other attendees welcomed all thoughts and inquiries, no matter your party, religion or overall perspective. That makes the decision of the hecklers to then stay out of the line and try to spoil the panel by screaming baseless slogans and accusations WITH THE Q&A GOING RIGHT NEXT TO THEM all the more detestable.

Childishly interrupting lectures with unfounded accusations of racism to eliminate someone else's right to speak freely is not free speech; It is the oppression of free speech.

Censoring the word "Trigglypuff," a word literally derived from a goddamned Pokemon, on Imgur to prevent people from using it is not using a position of power to moderate properly; It is an entire staff crossing a line and stepping onto the "Censoring You Due to Butthurt Bias" Bus because they don't want users offending their fat dog. http://www.reaxxion.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/C3zocnX1.jpg

It is up to communities like ours to stand together against, criticize, and work to improve these abhorrent campus conditions, and even the societal pressures in general to conform to movements like #BlackLivesMatter because of your race or Feminism because of your gender. Stop urging people to conform. Give people the right to speak, offend, be questioned, and explain their reasoning. No one is forcing you to watch, and no one is holding a privileged gun to your head and telling you to attend the event.

What I've learned from this experience is that amazing things happen when such a large community of people decides to come together for a cause, or even something as simple as a mutual disdain for bullshit. So I urge all of you to do the same as I am doing. Keep your phones on you and cameras ready at all times during these events; Record and share the reality of these situations and soon it will spread so far no media bias will be able to cover it. People will become aware of these adverse reactions to first amendment rights, people will start to see and grasp how unlikable these bizarre hate-driven protests are, and the extremism that once gained momentum from the uneducated will finally die.


Thank you all for the patience in waiting for my next video. I've noticed it can be unpredictably difficult to find the time to accomplish everything I want to in the amount of time preferred.. having comments to read, questions to respond to, and business-related inquiries to consider, (The response has been baffling and I'm forever grateful), on top of which I work a lot and have studies to tend to, so I'm very sorry for all the delays! I was actually supposed to write and post this yesterday but I crashed on the couch after 30+ hours of no sleep, covered in Wheat Thins crumbs.
I will rise from this destructive lifestyle of poor upload timing and late-night snacking. Expect a compilation of some sort hopefully within the next day or two. If I take longer, which I shouldn't at this rate but I figured I'd drop a warning just in case, just know I found something to tweak and wanted to make it even better. Besides, an upload a week isn't bad at all. I know it can suck to wait though, as I've been waiting for RektFeministVideos to upload for 3 weeks and silently crying inside (Jk, take your time Jacob)

Love you all so much.
Happy Belated Weekiversary of the Triggering!

Based Mary

ps, I've seen some confusion regarding whether or not I'm real (And one person asking if I was a drag queen), so here's a quick selfie. My kitchen lighting is poor so I look a bit orange, but rest assured I am from New England, not Jersey?


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Remember when Mosh Girl thought she was getting unfairly bashed (it was totally fair, fat lug) on the internets? You can bet she would never want the attention that Trigglypuff is getting. 

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When asked to play the song of her people, Trigglypuff plays Moby Dick!

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She was so much happier as a child

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aXBlackDeathXa 462 points : 9 replies : a month ago reply

She was so much happier as a child

Why is fat people freaking the fuck out so goddamn funny?

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aXBlackDeathXa 462 points : 9 replies : a month ago reply

She was so much happier as a child

Why is fat people freaking the fuck out so goddamn funny?

Some of it is the excitement of anticipation of actually getting to see the heart pop