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OP wants more power up his arse.


9/16/20 10:41 AM
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I went with this one. Never heard of them but the reviews got my attention. So far I love it and it's done great at everything I've used it on.
9/16/20 11:00 AM
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I bought a Husqvarna 3+K from Costco earlier this year. It was reasonably priced - I just checked, I don't see them listing it anymore.

I had an older gas p.w., this one blows the old one away. I can use a wider pattern and it cleans even better than the old one with a narrower nozzle - so it cleans WAY faster.

Also, get some waterbased cleaner, like Purple Power. Use it on any grease spots, use a broom to brush it in a few hours before you wash.
9/16/20 12:09 PM
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What I wonder about and worry about is that the pressure washing done by an amateur (or fly-by-night guy) will force water and stuff up under the aluminum siding.

I mean it's nice to have clean looking siding but is it worth it unless there's clearly green stuff growing on it.

I've never had mine done in 8 years and it looks fine though obviously not like new. It was built in about 1994 so 2t years old now.


9/19/20 11:45 AM
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jujigatame1981 - 
KingSchlong - My girl has relatives coming over so she wants to pressure wash the driveway so it looks good. Some punks are wanting to charge $195. Others $349 wtf?!?!

No way am I paying that when I can just buy a pressure washer for that much or not much more (hell, maybe less) from Harbor Freight.

Any recommendations on what is the minimum PSI I should be looking for, or anything else I should be looking for in this regard? Last thing I want to have happen is spend some coin for a pressure washing machine, then its not powerful enough to really clean the driveway, then I have to hire those dorks for $195 and am out that AND the cost of the machine...


Go on eBay and buy a Simpson 3000-3200 psi. Great washer with Honda motor.


Dang, the cheapest one is like $379 - really necessary? Lot more than $189 lol. Thanks!
9/19/20 11:46 AM
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jujigatame1981 - 

this is well worth $40 bucks

Thanks. Presumably you have to have a Simpson washer to attach that to, however?
9/19/20 12:11 PM
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these pressure washer brooms/surface cleaners work pretty good. 

9/19/20 12:37 PM
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Zedneck - 



these pressure washer brooms/surface cleaners work pretty good. 

Very interesting Zedneck, thanks! Those are attachments that you attach to your pressure washer, not stand-alones, correct? I think they have to be given the cheapish price.

9/19/20 10:44 PM
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Avoid electric. I killed a Ryobi in a few days on a small deck.

Negative on that nozzle being Simpson specific. They are all generic. I have one for my Generac One Wash (3100 PSI). Both are great.
9/19/20 10:50 PM
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220, 221 whatever it takes. 

9/20/20 4:45 PM
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jujigatame1981 - 

this is well worth $40 bucks

That I assume you need to buy Simpson power washer as well correct? We are up way in the $400 range now for the cheapest.
9/20/20 4:46 PM
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Wow, look at this one I just found - 3000 PSI for only $110?!?!   Seems perfect - anyone see any problems with this one?



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Same one $86 https://www.ebay.com/itm/3000PSI-1-8GPM-Electric-Pressure-Washer-High-Powerful-Water-Cleaner-Machine-US/164375570139?_trkparms=aid%3D1110010%26algo%3DHOMESPLICE.DISCCARDS%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D20200220090753%26meid%3D9a18d4a8ad45430590579bd4cf94c66b%26pid%3D100752%26rk%3D1%26rkt%3D1%26sd%3D313143210546%26itm%3D164375570139%26pmt%3D1%26noa%3D0%26pg%3D2047675%26algv%3Ddefault%26brand%3DUnbranded&_trksid=p2047675.c100752.m1982#rwid

Not sure how good it is though.

9/20/20 10:35 PM
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It's not going to hold up.

If you're going electric, at least get a Ryobi from Home Depot. You can bring it back to the store for warranty repair.

Good luck getting the no name one fixed.

Again, the nozzles--including the Simpson--are standardized. They fit on any brand pressure washer.
9/20/20 10:50 PM
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The difference between not being powerful enough to clean your pavers and blasting holes out of them is surprisingly small. I use a deck brush as well you get a smoother effect without so much striping.

9/21/20 12:46 AM
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$249 for a troy bilt gas engine 3000 psi 2.4 gpm at home depot.  They had 10 or so when I bought mine Saturday.  If It lasts for 2 years, I get my money out of it.

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Obvious troll as you have posted multiple pics of your run down unkempt yard. No way you will pressure wash a driveway when you dont even mow your lawn properly.


9/21/20 5:20 AM
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55579 -

Obvious troll as you have posted multiple pics of your run down unkempt yard. No way you will pressure was a driveway when you dont even now your lawn properly.


It's his job now since his stock market threads have literally gone tits up.

9/21/20 10:31 AM
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55579 -

Obvious troll as you have posted multiple pics of your run down unkempt yard. No way you will pressure wash a driveway when you dont even mow your lawn properly.


But his girl (mother) told him to do it. Plus he's building a cheap tool empire in the shed to show his boyfriends. He has all this spare time now that the project 'vette is gone. lol

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My current one is a sun joe model similar to what was posted above.  No complaints, except it would be nice if it came with an adjustable tip for the wand.  It comes with several different tips that you have to snap on.  Not a huge deal though.

Anyway, whatever you get make sure you store it somewhere where it doesn't freeze.  It seems like no matter how much effort I put in to trying to drain these things the winter screws them up.