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8/23/19 3:11 PM
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Old Fashioned


I order the first if I don't trust the bar that much... you have to try really hard to fuck it up.

If the bartender is good and they have the right ingredients I'll order and Old Fashioned instead.

If it's warm I also like caipirinhas or Moscow Mules.


That is so true.


I have been a victim several times of a poorly made old fashioned that tasted like fruit punch. I like my old fashioned with rye, not bourbon.


Had a place make me a negroni with red wine as they didn't have vermouth, it was fucking disgusting. 

The amount of times I've had a bartender fucm up a negroni is baffling to me. I've had to teach so many bartenders how to make it. Some knobhead tried making me some peach lemon shit and called it a negroni a few weeks ago, I was seriously offended haha.

I was really into cocktails in the late 90’s. Had dozens of recipes memorized and made them myself all the time.  The problem was bartenders.  Most can’t get much more sophisticated than and gin and tonic which technically isn’t even a cocktail.  

I got tired of getting my drink fucked up so I just went with whiskey on the rocks.  Even then some people manage to screw it up.  

One of the under appreciated advantages of drinking whiskey neat is that it takes very little skill to make the order 

I used to bartend back when "Shooters" were the thing (before they were rebranded as "Martinis"). I have a HUGE library of drink recipes. Close to 10 recipe books and a rolodex. My goal in life is to teach all my nieces and nephews how to bartend.


shooters were rebranded as martinis?  do you mean those effeminate colorful drinks served in a martini glass?  those aren't martinis.

Yes, in the late 90's into the early 2000's, what used to be called "shooters" were popularly re-branded as "martinis". Restaurants used to carry "Martini" menus, none of which had anything to do with a real martini except that, "yes", many did contain vodka and/or gin.

Yes, I realize they're not martinis, that was just what they were being called. Shooters had gotten a really bad rep, so this was an effort to make them seem more classy.

i didn't realize that.  same amount of booze?

I think so, it wasn't so much the drinks themselves that changed, just the name and the glassware.
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Shooters were typically served in "rocks" glasses. Rebranding them as Martinis just switched them into "martini" glasses...
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Take the "Chocolate Martini" for instance...

There is nothing martini about this motherfucker. They were originally "Chocolate Shooters"...

8/23/19 3:35 PM
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Khun Kao -

Take the "Chocolate Martini" for instance...

There is nothing martini about this motherfucker. They were originally "Chocolate Shooters"...

yeah, i never accepted anything other than gin and vermouth a martini and vodka and vermouth a vodka martini.


8/23/19 3:44 PM
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bourbon mule no bitters tall glass 

8/23/19 4:28 PM
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Kentucky mule




Rum and coke

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lordbreakdown -

Lately it's been gin over ice. Found one I like more than Hendricks. Forget the name 

Hawthorns London dry. If you like Hendricks you'll like this.