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I’m from the UK I was 9 on that day and remember walking into the house and seeing my mum and sister watching the news, I didn’t understand the gravity of the situation but of course I knew something awful was happening.

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At work

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playing party poker
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MCRD Parris Island. To say it was a life-changing event for me is an understatement.

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Worked at Wells Fargo. No work was getting done after the first word came, and there was no bandwidth to be had. My buddy and I dipped out to Sonic and kept refreshing our news feeds.

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At my apartment in Bangkok, getting ready to to party. Was dressed, sat on couch and flipped on CNN international. Saw the first building smoking then a few minutes later, saw the 2nd plane hit. Knew at that point we were under attack.

got the first flight possible days later back to USA. Reported to my command. 

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I was just leaving work. I will never forget, I was busy that day fitting the toilet seats in Robbie Savage's new house (soccer player for you Americans). I was about to drive off site and just stopped and sat listening to the news on the radio for the next hour.

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Listened to reports of attacks on radio heading to school, got to school and all the TVs were glued to cnn, my 8th grade teacher cried in his desk, he said our way of living will change forever, he also predicted mass surveillance of citizens 

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IronHands -

MCRD Parris Island. To say it was a life-changing event for me is an understatement.

RTC Great Lakes.  17 years old, 2 weeks into boot camp.  


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In class.

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On a field trip at the Truman Library for one of my college classes. Didn't find out about it until I got back in my truck to head back to campus. By that time both planes had hit the towers and the country was in utter chaos and panic mode.

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Also..... started to listen to Howard Stern above other options throughout the morning. It still brings me chills today to here the recording.

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At the gym. Think I was training chest and triceps. Freshman year of college 

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Woke up at like 7. Turned on Howard Stern as evey morning when I wasn't in class. Turned the news on mute while listening to Stern once the shit started happening. 

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It was about midday here in the U.K. I had finished school early and got home to see my mom watching the news. I remember being shell shocked. I was 15 and not at all interested in world affairs but I don’t think I moved away from the tv for the next 12 hours.

It was such a nice, sunny day too. Just seemed fucked up that over the pond that nightmare was playing out.

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I had just flown back the night before on a plane from the West coast and on the plane I had steak and they gave me and the rest of the plane metal knives to eat with.

I woke up and was watching tv and thought the whole thing was some sort of movie until I flipped the channel and saw that it was on every channel.

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High school 

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Got in my car to leave for work and turned on Strern like always. Sat in my car listening for 20 or 30 minutes before finally driving in to work. My work was at the end of the PDX runway. The only planes in the air that day were fighters from the Oregon National Guard. They were pulling vertical with afterburner after takeoff with a full weapons load

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Freshman year high-school. It was a half day. I was in science class and about 15 minutes in the teacher from next door walks in in a panic and tells my teacher to turn the news on. She does just as the second plane hit the tower. For the first 15 minutes I thought it was a movie, then it hit me. The rest of the day all we watched was the news.


That day was the day that would cause the US to play right into Osamas hands and start a cycle of perpetual war that would bankrupt the country. 

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Was getting ready for work when my dad(rip) who was living with my wife and I, came in and said a plane crashed into the WTC. At that time they didn't know it was terrorism, and you really couldn't even tell what size plane hit it, being unable to gauge the scale of the hole in the WTC. Then the 2nd plane hit.

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Home in Queens, NYC recovering from surgery. Heard it about it on NPR, didnt have cable so the best TV reception was the spanish channel. Watched that for the visuals while listening to the radio and anxiously waiting for my then fiance to check in as I knew she was taking the subway right under the World Trade to the Staten Island Ferry (we didnt have cell phones at that time).


She finally called from Staten Island and had to spend the night there as all ferry, bridge and tunnel service was suspended.


It was a very surreal time having the Army in and actively patrolling your city. Americans are not used to encountering their army on their own soil.


Then we got married 2 weeks later on a rooftop on E.31st St with the site still smoking in the background. Still going strong 18 years later.

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Was in grade 6, almost ready for school. Dad came and got me told me he'd drive and to watch. Boom second tower. Half the school sat in a big room and watched the news all day 

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I was stationed up in Alaska. Thought the whole thing was an exercise for the first hour because I over slept and didnt get to sit down and watch the news before heading out to work.

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I was recovering from ball surgery and happen to be up when the local news cut into the live feed that a plane hit the wtc.


Also on a side note my wife was visiting her family in NY and flew home a couple days before 911. Her brother in law is a police officer in NJ and he was activated to NY to assist with the chaos that day.