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8/24/19 10:34 PM
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onepunchJD -
Bad Monkey - 

Don't understand racism?


White people perfected racism.


Then we stopped using it and gave it back to you coloreds.  Now you guys are fucking it all up, just like everything else we've given you.


Post of the day right here.

Take notes kids -- this is how its done.

If I wasnt st work I would have laughed a lot louder!

I'll 2nd that, lmao great comment.

8/24/19 10:37 PM
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Why would a white person even care?

8/24/19 11:51 PM
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dL Hughley just said that whites don't get to say what racism is anymore..he said blacks are now going to decide what is racist ahd what isn't..I wonder how well this will go over?
8/25/19 1:57 AM
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Awarnica -

I’m a white dude. I can understand racism but only from a white dudes perspective. I will never understand it from a minorities perspective. Anyone who says different is wrong. 

You realize that sometimes white people can be the minority right?  There are many places on earth like that.

8/25/19 2:34 AM
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theraskal -

yet every morning the White Devil turns on the news to find out who HATES him today.........the TG or perhaps the Lesbian Feminist.....or maybe the boring old Plain GAY.......possibly one of the various Ethnics.......


clearly he doesn't know what it's like to be despised for no other reason than just having the misfortune of being born slightly different from those which HATE him :)





Go back go your respective shithole, cotton swab head

8/25/19 3:00 AM
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JiuJitsuHeyZeus -
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OGluver -
Eskimo -

As a white man let me indulge your troll. I don’t care if anyone thinks I’m racist and I don’t care if those people like me. The lion doesn’t concern himself with the opinions of sheep. 

I do not believe this to be troll. I’m serious im not trolling, I’m actually really serious. Definitely you think I’m a troll.

I do not think troll, I am super serious yous guys, troll I am not but troll you think I am.

Troll do I

Only troll do or troll do not, no troll try is there.

8/25/19 3:55 AM
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I love it when white males call each other white males. 

8/25/19 10:07 PM
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Hate clicks are big business.  Alot of this b's is truly fake news. 


Water off a wetsbacks.