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8/13/19 12:31 PM
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The author reads his most famous novel and his voice was MADE to read this!

8/13/19 1:31 PM
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Fuck yeah, I'm in.

I read it back in high school, but that was a while ago

8/13/19 1:35 PM
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I still can't watch the movie. Fucks me up till this day.

8/13/19 1:43 PM
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I enjoyed some Netflix documentary about him and his writing of the book & screenplay. 

He actually wrote that entire book pretty quickly in Angela Landsbury's guest house.


8/13/19 2:10 PM
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That guy's fucking voice is 70's creepy AF

8/13/19 2:53 PM
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Never read the book. 

8/13/19 3:04 PM
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Oh man can't wait. I lived the tv series as well.

8/13/19 3:18 PM
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8/13/19 3:19 PM
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High time for a re-boot with cgi demons and Halle Berry as the exorcist!

--It would be SiCk!!!

8/13/19 3:27 PM
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subbed for late night fright

8/13/19 5:00 PM
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Reading the book fleshed out the story for me more than the movie. As a kid the movie terrified me. The description in the book when Father Karras first meets Reagan is creepy as fuck. The spider walk is in the book and it gave me chills. The thing that stands out to me in the book is just how Burke Dennings was killed. Obviously it was Reagan possessed by the demon. She wrenched his head around, opened shutters and a window that were nailed shut and threw his drunk ass out of it. I had assumed that Reagan lied there in bed with her arms restrained. Nope! She was making cocks with clay to deface the statues in the local parish, shitting in the parish and typing letters with ol Captain Howdy in the cockpit. It's pretty damn creepy imagining something like that in your house.

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Whoa! Totally in!

Never knew this existed.

The Exorcist is still for me the best horror movie. Even though I'm not religious it's always been a tough watch. It just creeps me the hell out.

It's such an intense display of the craft, from the realism of the acting, sets/locations, photography, the creepy "cold fingers on your shoulder" almost subliminal music choices, the themes...it all comes together for the perfect creep-out. (I have the soundtrack on vinyl, recently re-mastered, and even it's scary!).

I remember sneaking in a movie theater to see The Exorcist on a re-release when I was young - 15 or so. I couldn't make it through it and left half way. Had nightmares that week. Had to defeat my fears and went back a week later to sneak in and watch the whole thing. Still screwed me up!

The best horror movies to me are the creepy, mood-based psychological horror flicks, but when I watch one that "works" on me, I'm thinking "why the hell am I doing this to myself?"

Harder to get truly spooked as you get older though. And I don't care for the straight-up gore fests.

Anyway, I read the book as a teenager and it too terrified me. I still remember the description of Karas first going to see Regan and having the sensation she was staring at him right through the door, even before he opened it. (Wonder if my memory is right on that one).

The only time I'll have to listen to this video is on my phone when going to bed. I have a feeling that Blatty's voice and the material may make a bad combo for trying to sleep soundly.

8/13/19 6:12 PM
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Are you sure that Regan defaced the statue? I admit I never really put that together. It somehow doesn't seem to quite fit, this idea of her making her way out of the house to do that kind of thing. The defaced statue just stuck out like something of a mystery, like someone else did it, or the demon, or whatever.

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Anyone seen Exorcist III?

It was written & directed by William Peter Blatty himself, unlike Exorcist II which neither he nor William Friedkin (The director of the original fim) were involved with and was terrible.

It's not what you expect. It's a good film actually though it is more of a religious "detective story" There is some creepy sh!t in there too, but it's not quite the masterpiece the original Exorcist is. Still, worth a watch, IMO.



8/14/19 1:06 AM
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Oh yeah. Exorcist 3 is a great creepy flick. Love that one too Though no where near the level of the original, Blatty in the director's role knew how to weave some chilling moods and ideas.

And, of course:

"The carp..."
8/14/19 2:39 AM
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went to school with his daughter. she was cool as hell and extremely sharp with a dark sense of humor.