OtherGround Forums Worst horror movies you've ever seen?

9/20/20 10:56 PM
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I thought It Follows and It Comes at Night were both really uninteresting. 

9/20/20 11:04 PM
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kkmmnn -

While not the worst horror movie I’ve seen it was recent and terrible...


The Open House with that Dylan Minnette kid


What seemed like a solid premise just turned into a bland “huh?” Wasted opportunity.

I was going to say Open House. Just an absolute waste of time. It looked like it had a decent budget too, lots of good movies have been made for less.

9/21/20 1:32 AM
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Tales from the Hood 2



9/21/20 5:28 AM
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Robert Thomas -
Sweet_Baby_Jesus -

There’s so many bad ones. The last “bad” horror movie I saw in theaters was The Turning. It was weird, it was confusing, there’s a ghost rape and a really confusing end. And it wasn’t scary. Gretel and Hansel was pretty bland and horrible too. Super slow, weird ending. 

Drag me to hell was great, it's supposed to be horror/comedy. Didn't Sam Raimi direct?


Also, no one has said Troll 2 wtf.

Someone did mention Manos, but Manos and Troll2 go hand in hand in worst movie ever and worst horror movie ever.

Hey! Troll 2 has its place and definitely fits into the so bad it’s hilarious catagory!

I actually bought the double pack Troll DVD last week 

9/21/20 9:27 PM
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Anybody watch hostel 2 yet on previous page? might watch hostel 3 tonight.
9/21/20 10:47 PM
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Watching hostel 3 atm. Msg me if u boys need a link.

9/21/20 10:49 PM
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Hostel 3 synopsis. Bachelor party to vegas goes horribly wrong..

Edited: 9/22/20 12:06 AM
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<p>Dont think this 1s been mentioned but eli roths green inferno was excellent and a must watch for anyone travelling to the amazon region hahaha. Cheers.</p>
9/21/20 11:18 PM
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Hostel 3 is like the hangover mixed with hostel. 

9/22/20 12:03 AM
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Wow quite a bit different than i remembered. Solid installment but still prefer 1 and 2. Quite a bit different than the first 2. Much more action horror than strictly horror.

9/22/20 12:26 AM
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They dont exist. Only shitty people hate bad horror.

9/22/20 4:06 PM
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which horror film shall i watch tonight?
9/22/20 4:49 PM
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Iprefertopoopnaked -

Rawhead Rex. The monster "baptises" a dude by pissing on him.

He jizzed on him I heard

9/22/20 5:14 PM
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Might go oldschool jason or michael meyers tonight.
9/22/20 8:50 PM
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Watching halloween 6 curse of michael meyers. One of the better ones of this series. Despite the poor reviews. Paul rudd is good in it and the main chick is quite hot.

9/23/20 5:27 PM
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Which shall I watch tonight? Also watched the faculty last night with josh hartnett and elijah wood. great scifi/horror movie which is essentially a remake of invasion of the body snatchers.
9/24/20 12:29 PM
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Bump. Been meaning to watch The Faculty. Just got back from the postoffice, and I got The Strangers 1&2 and Midsommar.

9/24/20 12:34 PM
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9/24/20 12:35 PM
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^ also this

9/24/20 6:46 PM
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Doom Room was pretty terrible but also semi entertaining. 

9/24/20 7:09 PM
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American Gothic gets my vote
9/24/20 7:36 PM
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The Witch is a great pick, what a boring POS movie. The House October Built is by far the worst though, but I guess the low budget kinda eliminates it.

9/25/20 8:28 PM
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Going to watch The Owners here in a bit...

9/25/20 8:58 PM
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The Microwave Massacre...