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8/14/19 1:31 PM
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What happened to that sweet hot tub? 

8/14/19 1:35 PM
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clattymine -

What happened to that sweet hot tub? 

A "neighbor" *cough...yute cough cough*.... " borrowed" the hotub and it now resides 2 blocks over, in the kitchen of a "bando".

It is currently half filled with baking soda.

8/14/19 1:42 PM
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Good thread

8/14/19 1:46 PM
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CormierCumminsideme -

that hammock needs to be tightened up

 I'm imagining PJ in there folded in half almost kissing his knees for about 15 seconds before the whole thing falls apart

8/14/19 1:48 PM
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This must have been solely for the OG to get a laugh.

There's just no way you could lay in that at 8'2 tall. You'd be the letter U. 


8/14/19 1:51 PM
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Lurker99 -
Region Rat - 

You are the captain of half assing everything 



I like PJ threads, one of my favorite things about this place.

One of my other favorite things is just how much shit he gets for literally everything he does. It's kind of impressive. I seriously think he could have used this place to launch a youtbe channel and made quite a bit of money from it over the years. 

All of these threads, like this one, could have been youtube posts. It could have been an introduction of him explaining his vision in his head, then a time lapse of him putting this set-up together (combined with multiple failed attempts with that umbrella and eventual brick laying) and end with an explanation of why it just didn't come out the way he planned. Follow up video of him ackwardly swinging in this slack ass hammock, one leg and ass dragging on the ground while he responds to the haters in his comment section. 

I'm telling you man, PJ is a golden personality.

Imagine the videos of his domino's arrival, the phone calls, the screenshotted emails, and then the feedback follow up video.

Imgaine the wookie thread done in all youtube vids.

All of his "real estate" threads re-imagined as videos of him taking tours of these places with a helmet cam and PJ commentary.

Seriously... lots of missed $$$$.


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8/14/19 3:37 PM
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Passive Jay -

have you tried lying perpendicular in the hammock?


that's the proper and more comfortable way to lie in that type of hammock


the large, netted hammocks or hammocks with the wooden bar at either end to keep it flat ...you can lie parralel in those like in the pic

8/14/19 4:54 PM
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Region Rat -

You are the captain of half assing everything 


8/14/19 5:04 PM
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CormierCumminsideme -
Passive Jay -

Damn did you get veneers? Look at those chiclets!

Yes! Back in 2006 I won a radio contest for $40,000 worth of cosmetic dentistry. I won by having the worst possible teeth the dentist could find that he thought he could still fix. He figured it would be the most impressive before and after.

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Love the ghetto engineering personally! Cheers man! Also, as you already know, hammock should being coming down at approx 45 degree off that post to be comfy. I have a ENO, with mosquito net and rain fly. Love chilling in it.