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Whats your favourite most hobby? Why? How often do you get to do it? What equipment do you have?

9/18/19 4:28 PM
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I need new hobbies. Mostly I work out but that’s on my own.


Other than that I play poker with a group of mostly attorneys and tech guys.

9/18/19 4:28 PM
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Golf once every couple of weeks.

Clubs and balls.

I can picture all my problems into that little ball and smack the shit out of it:)

Chase it down and smack it again!

9/18/19 4:29 PM
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Play guitar. I leave it on the couch so I can get to it easily.
9/18/19 4:30 PM
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Lately golf. A maddening yet rewarding game.

9/18/19 4:31 PM
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Pokanghoya - Play guitar. I leave it on the couch so I can get to it easily.

haha me too. Can still barely play and don't know any theory or anything lol
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I've had many through the years.

Collect Nike Dunk SB

Play guitar

Train MMA

Play poker


I need more hobbies, they're fun and keep me from being bored.  Currently I only go to the gym.  Any suggestions?




9/18/19 4:33 PM
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watching football
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Action figures. I buy clean up and collect. G.I. JOE from the 80s, WWE action figures, M.A.S.K. and MOTU stuff.

My favorite stuff is the FUTURAMA figures. Theres a ton of them and its become a labor of love because a lot of it is fairly difficult to come by.


Edit. I have a table, a bunch of paints for touchup and stuff. I dont really use the paint a lot. Ive got a bucket of spare parts for my JOES and other figures. I probably work on a figure every couple of weeks. Sometimes a couple of hours a day.

9/18/19 4:35 PM
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Before I had a kiddo I was into pistol shooting. I'd shoot 10k rounds per year or so. Hopefully I can get back into it when life calms down a bit.

Lately I'm into building electric guitars. I have two strat necks on my workbench right now. I'm currently carving the necks, then I'll carve the "volute" area with rasps, cut bone nuts, do final sanding, level/crown/polish the frets, and finish them with oil and wax.
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Craft beer

Trying not to kill my children

Video games

Android boxes

9/18/19 4:42 PM
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Breezah -


Probably this. I don't know if I'd call it a hobby since it's kind of a daily required activity, but I do come up with my own recipes and cooking techniques. I also experiment alot with different cuisines.


Other than that, shooting, martial arts, and video games, not in any specific order.

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Video Games 

Used to race motocross but it got expensive and dangerous. 

9/18/19 4:49 PM
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Woodworking. Be it carpentry, joinery, carving or any other wood crafts. I have just built a new 20'x10' workshop at the bottom of my garden as I have too much kit, work and timber in the other 2 sheds I already have 

9/18/19 4:51 PM
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I play tennis. Also I play a lot of Golden Tee golf

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My hobby is researching other hobbies

9/18/19 4:54 PM
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Beer, grilling/smoking, watching MMA. Love to do all three at once.

Need to get back to lifting hiking, and skiing to bring balance back to the force.

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Ballroom dancing. All I need are some good practice shoes. First ever exercise activity where I need to shower, brush teeth, do my hair, put deodorant, and put on nice clothes before I go to practice.

My favorite used to be BJJ but I got too old for that stuff. Wanted to do something more civilized.

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Collecting comics and 80s toys


Go out to yard sales, swap meets and antique stores about every 1-2 months to see what I can find

9/18/19 5:45 PM
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I write songs.

9/18/19 5:46 PM
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It used to be buying and selling old toys. I can still spot a repro star wars blaster from a mile away. Now it's collecting problems and acting like a bitch about them. In my garage I have a 4 station silkscreen press and some other printing equipment that I may get into soon if I can find some motivation.
9/18/19 6:38 PM
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video games 

Used to think it was hard to juggle it all, then had a baby and it’s impossible to juggle it all so very little gaming and tend to focus more on whatever sport I have an event coming up in