PoliticalGround & these SINGLE CELLS vote AGAINST UBI/UHealthCare?

8/15/19 12:20 PM
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and these SINGLE CELLS are voting AGAINST UBI and BIG GOV Universal HealthCare?


 "research has shown that a majority (57% of Americans, according to 2018 gobankingrates.com data) don't even have $1,000 saved "--------




8/15/19 12:22 PM
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now for the other part of the article:


Kevin O'Leary: This is the age when you should have at least $100,000 saved


Although "Shark Tank" star Kevin O'Leary says he doesn't like to "peg a number" to certain financial milestones, he does believe there is a point in one's life where they should have at least six figures saved.

"By the time you hit 33 years old, you should have $100,000 saved somewhere. Make that your goal. Thirty-three [and] $100,000," O'Leary tells CNBC Make It.

Why 33? O'Leary says it's the "tipping point" in a person's life when they have to focus on saving money and if they don't, they fall "behind the eight-ball."-------



8/15/19 12:22 PM
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"You have to start in your 20s. You just have to, because you want to end up in your 60s with a boatload of cash sitting in investments, so you can kick back and relax a little bit," O'Leary says.------(article)

8/15/19 12:24 PM
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However, while he does advocate for saving as much as you possibly can, he believes its more important to be debt-free by the age of 45than anything else.

"If you want to find financial freedom, you need to retire all debt -- and yes that includes your mortgage," O'Leary told CNBC Make It 


"The reason I say 45 is the turning point, or in your 40s, is because, think about a career: Most careers start in early 20s and end in the mid-60s," O'Leary said.


"So, when you're 45 years old, the game is more than half over, and you better be out of debt, because you're going to use the rest of the innings in that game to accrue capital."-------



8/15/19 12:25 PM
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these SINGLE CELLS with NO $$$ SAVED had better start voting for some UBI and BIG GOV HEALTHCARE or they are going to suffer BANKRUPTCY and DESTITUTION in their tired old years!  

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Never mind, the other posts cleared it up 

8/15/19 12:26 PM
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and even the SMART and INDUSTRIOUS fellows which managed to squirrel away a few acorns had better vote for some BIG GOV healthcare or ALL their acorns will go to funding their OLD AGE healthcare instead of enjoying some travel and the GOOD LIFE!

8/15/19 1:06 PM
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Just think of it as a UNION perk....a Union member of the Union of United States......or perhaps a common SHAREHOLDER DIVIDEND ROI from BEST CORPORATION in the WORLD USA

8/15/19 1:43 PM
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And how far in the hole do you think they'd be if their taxes were raised to European levels to pay for Universal Healthcare!?

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amadeus -

And how far in the hole do you think they'd be if their taxes were raised to European levels to pay for Universal Healthcare!?

they would probably be enjoying a BETTER QUALITY of LIFE like those Euros which enjoy MORE VACATION TIME LOL


clearly the YOU CAN BE YOUR OWN BOSS/HealthCare-Manager 401k/BIG Health Indu$try Scheme has not worked out for THE PEOPLE......but THE PEOPLE are slowly WAKING UP to the BIG SWINDLE and REALIZING it's NOT going to TRICKLE DOWN and they would be BETTER OFF with a EURO style quality of life!

8/15/19 2:00 PM
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how many of these is it going to take before the RepubLEMMINGS do a "fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me"??? and DEMAND some UBI DIVIDEND and BIG GOV UNIVERSAL HEALTH CARE ROI on their TAX INVESTMENT?  Perhaps even some EURO LONG VACATION BETTER QUALITY OF LIFE TOO!



GE tanks after a famous Madoff whistleblower says the company is committing fraud 'bigger than Enron and WorldCom combined' (GE)-----







8/15/19 2:12 PM
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I am not for any government anything at this point.

They control too much as is.

I don't know about you but but I'll be go to hell before I let some damn government worker dictate my medical care.

I also have enough money to last till I die. I want nor need nothing from anyone. And I surely wish the Dems would quit claiming I do. Every-time one of them rambles on, they mention about the American people and what we want. They seem to know better than I what I want.(according to them)

I want not one damn thing from them. They represent me zero percent, and I am damn sure an American, more so than the whole damn group of them put together.

I do not believe I am alone.