PoliticalGround Gov. Rick Perry-Dems worst nightmare

5/30/11 1:37 PM
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  I think the GOP lineup is weak and beatable by OBAMA. Everyones first response will be , not another texas governor. This guy is president of RGA, a tea party favorite and the longest serving governor of Texas. he has made texas on of two states to actually experience job growth over the last 3 years. Business's are actually moving to texas not out of it. He is intimately involved in border security. He is a strong supporter of the 10th amendment giving states more soveringty.

So, according to the 2010 elections, this guy has everything the voters are looking for.
Economic renewal
Immigration/ Border Security
States rights
Experience governing something similar to a country- Texa$.
Diatribes against Washington in trying to mandate one size fits all in everthing from education to taxes. 

What say you ? Im just over the right side of centrist and the the GOP is still acting cowardly but I cant stomach the left today. Bill Clinton turned out to be a decent president. Bush made a mistake invading Iraq. We could have focused on A stan and probably would be in a better strategic position than we are now. And No I dont want Palin trying to momma grizzly her way into the white house. She cant beat Obama.
3/12/14 8:02 PM
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In Austin tx. SXSW Gov Rick Perry was just boo'd on the Jimmy Kimmel show.
5/12/14 1:47 PM
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He coulnd't remember all three areas of the government he wanted to eliminate, which is a pretty big thing he was campainging on and should have been able to remember.

Not to mention his drunk speech.

The guy could win some primaries, but forget a general.